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Welcome security tokens and embrace a new era of investments

Smartlands Platform is a worldwide security token issuance platform. Use our ready, secure and proven solution.


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Be involved in a fast-growing crypto market. Create wealth by investing in well-managed and legally accountable security token offerings.


Tokenize your business by issuing security tokens on our platform and attract funds to fuel your growth.


Trade security tokens quickly and safely on the low-cost built-in decentralized exchange powered by the Stellar network.

Asset Tokenization Concept

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4 easy steps to issue security tokens on the blockchain


Audit and Due Diligence

Smartlands Platform manages auditing, legal due diligence and other preparatory procedures of a token issuing company



The token issuer and escrow company enter a collateral agreement to secure tokens with assets


Token offering

Token issuer attracts investments for strategic development by offering security tokens and selling them to investors using the Platform


Trading and profit sharing

  • Security tokens are traded on exchange(s)
  • A trading company periodically distributes part of the profits/revenues to token holders (and undergo audits) according to the rules stated in ST documents

Use Cases

Issue tokens of your business

Create your own internal digital currency and attract funds for developing your business

Issue token

Use case: Tokenization of commercial real estate properties


Industry: Real estate

Location: United Kingdom

Expected return: ~8-10%

Collateralized assets

Each token is backed by 0.001 square meter of commercial property

Use of proceeds

Acquisition and upgrade of new buildings.

Source of cash flows to token holders

Rent payments from commercial property tenants

Additional advantages over existing solutions

Peer-to-peer financing of real estate development projects with blockchain network as a trustless registrar of liquid stakes will eliminate excessive layers, as well as risks and fees associated with them. As a result, investors will get a much higher return while the developer will be able to lend at lower rates.

Applied innovative technologies

Better transparency due to the application of IoT sensors for monitoring of commercial premises occupancy.

Use case: Tokenization of precision machining plant for intensive growth


Industry: Precision machining

Location: Israel

Expected return: ~6-8%

Tokenized assets

Token will be backed by bonds secured with the company’s assets.

Use of proceeds

Purchase of monitoring equipment for the new AI assisted management system, acquisition of new equipment and upgrade of existing ones based on bottleneck analysis, engineering and equipment required for the production of new goods.

Source of cash flows to token holders

Increasing revenues/profit of the company – decrease in costs due to better management, increase in output due to debottlenecking, new products.

Additional advantages over existing solutions

Financing of the advanced AI assisted management system brings transparency to investors. The token offering proceeds may be distributed in instalments with a more substantial portion of revenues paid out only after the introduction of the monitoring system following the vote of token holders. Such flexibility is not available for small investors with current financial instruments.

Applied innovative technologies

Sensors and systems for the AI-assisted efficiency management. UAV for obtaining trustful data about the land and buildings considered for collateralization.

Use case: Tokenization of equity share in fintech company


Industry: Fintech/Payment processing

Location: Norway

Expected return: ~15-20%

Collateralized assets

Tokens are backed by private shares of the company.

Use of proceeds

Establishment of offices in new countries of presence and corresponding marketing campaigns, further development of the product to fit diverse markets.

Source of cash flows to token holders

Increasing revenues/profit of the company due to penetration to new markets

Additional advantages over existing solutions

More agile and efficient way to attract funds for expansion among investors familiar with the technology without additional intermediaries.

Applied innovative technologies

Payments processing platform based on blockchain that provides flexibility, controlled privacy, fast execution and low transaction costs.

Use case: Tokenization of sweet cherry orchards for extensive growth


Industry: Agriculture

Location: Spain

Expected return: ~10-12%

Tokenized assets

Each token will be backed by 1 square meter of a sweet cherry orchard.

Use of proceeds

Acquisition of poorly managed cherry orchards and the introduction of Agriculture 3.0 to create a higher and more sustainable cash flow.

Source of cash flows to token holders

Increasing revenues/profit of the company – larger area of well-managed orchards.

Advantages over existing solutions

  • Detailed and up-to-date information about the assets based on advanced Agtech technologies
  • Introduction of proven Agtech technologies will increase cash flows and their stability.

Applied innovative technologies

Drones (UAV) and Satellite images for obtaining trustful raw data about the assets, Big Data and Artificial intelligence (AI) for high-quality and objective processing of collected data.

General advantages of the Smartlands Platform framework

  • Legally binding asset backing of tokens
  • Sustainable cash flows to token holders
  • Decentralized management
  • Trustless registrar based on blockchain
  • Borderless security
  • Low costs of offerings
  • Inclusive for companies
  • Inclusive for investors
  • Smart contracts and smart property
  • A distributed database of companies’ audits and reports


A trustee with an obligation to act in response to a token holder’s voting as outlined in the Smartlands Platform legal framework.


The token will be listed on the Stellar-based Smartlands decentralized exchange.

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