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Embrace a New Era of Capital

Digital platform for a simple capital raise

We leverage blockchain technology to
make capital management
easier, faster, and more cost-effective

We improve investment experience for investors, issuers, asset and fund
managers by automating and digitising all operations

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Smartlands Services


Automated subscription processing to accelerate closings and reduce costs

Standardized Compliance across 50 + countries

Fiat and Digital payments gateways

Custody and escrow services

Low fixed Fee

Investor onboarding
& account openings

Automated KYC and AML checks worldwide

Digital “Smart” Forms

Manage investor onboarding approvals and renewals online

Low fixed Fee

Investor portal
& Dividends

Real-time Dashboard

Electronic Subscription documents

Online Deal Marketplace

Streamline investor communications and reporting

Dividends issuing

Low monthly Fee

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