Worldwide Platform for ICOs of low-risk future-proof tokens secured by agricultural and real economy assets


Raised amount

3 596 296 SLT / 1 753 698.00 $

Legal due diligence report prepared by Deloitte on the walnut orchard

(the pilot project of the Platform)

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Obvious investment choice in 2017


9,8 trillion USD of untapped market potential

Confusing and unclear token issues

Earth’s population will reach 10 bln by 2050 soaring food demand

No comprehensible way to invest into agricultural efficiency


Smartlands provides access for crypto investors to agricultural market

New class of tokens regulated by stakeholders community

Uplift agricultural industry by introducing innovations and opening access for blockchain investments

Single platform to securely invest in multiple agriculture opportunities worldwide

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Smartlands platform —
how it works

Origin of our confidence


New assets class with flexibility of blockchain and reliability of IPO


Synergy of high technologies and crypto investments in agriculture gives birth to new opportunities


The Platform provides a mechanism to combine the assets of small farmers to create highly liquid tokens


Safe haven assets protecting value of portfolio during market downturn


Accelerated growth in demand for agricultural products is determined not only by population growth, but also by change in diet

from 2005 to 2015

Investments in agriculture are favoring long-term momentum

from 30 to 300

Soared amount of investment funds focused on agricultures

52 bln USD

Assets under management

Smartlands development roadmap


October 2017

Completion of ICO procedures, raising of investments for platform development, distribution of SLTs


1st quarter 2018

Tokenization of fruit, berry and nut orchards in Central and Eastern Europe by performing of ABT ICOs of companies


3rd quarter 2018

Tokenization of all kind of agriculture assets related to arable farming in data-key markets (Europe, South-East Asia, South America). Launch of own blockchain


1st quarter 2019

Implementation of API to obtain data from Agriculture companies issuing ABTs. Introduction of ABT ICOs for funds and group of assets


3rd quarter 2019

Tokenization of all kind of agriculture assets including animal farming all over the world



Further development of the platform to provide services in related industries: food processing, infrastructure for agriculture industry (logistics and storage), real estate

Smartlands token (SLT) flow


Smartlands performs ICO and distributes tokens to investors


Agricultural companies with assistance and under supervision of Smartlands issues ABTs in compliance with the Platform’s standards


ABTs are sold to investors and are listed on partner cryptocurrency exchanges


The ABT investors buy the required amount of SLTs through cryptocurrency exchanges

Smartlands Index Token:

One token to invest in all the Platform’s agricompanies

Index investors

Agricultural entity 1

Agricultural entity 2

Agricultural entity 3

Agricultural entity 4

Agricultural entity 5






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Asset backed token (ABT) flow


An agricultural company addresses Platform to get its assets tokenized and raise the investments. Smartlands Platform manages the process of verification and auditing of the company. The agriculture company pays the fee for the services provided.


The agricultural company and the escrow company enter a collateral agreement for the assets.


Platform provides a standardized offer to potential investors. Investors buy tokens of the agriculture company providing investments for development of the company. Platform lists the issued tokens on the partner cryptocurrency exchanges to enhance token liquidity.


ABT investors buy the required amount of SLTs from holders at current price.


Agriculture companies share the revenue and profit with ABT holders.


ABT investors buy the required amount of SLTs from holders at current price.


Agriculture companies share the revenue and profit with ABT holders.

Legal due diligence report prepared by Deloitte on the walnut orchard

(the pilot project of the Platform)


Proof of concept

50 haarea

5 000trees

Walnut industrial orchard

Our entire team sincerely believes in the future of the platform and the changes it will bring to the world. Every team member is a respected professional in their expertise, therefore, when it comes to our mission, no one relies only on our belief.

How wemake it happen

Asset backed token

Instead of issuing ordinary tokens, which anyone can perform in a click, we provide secure investment tool through backing tokens with assets.

Platform creates a system of strict rules to make business secure fair, transparent and accountable.

We will introduce cutting edge technologies utilizing artificial intelligence solutions to monitor agricultural assets to eliminate risks and uncertainty.

Token sale details

Ticker SLT
Total supply 100 000 000
Price USD 0,5
Compability Stellar built-in exchange,
other exchanges

Main token sale bonuses

Bonus Period
20% 1-3th day
15% 4-5th day
10% 6-7th day
5% 8 - 12th day
0% 13 - 15th day


20 000 000


10 000 000

Incentives and development

20 000 000

Crowd sale

50 000 000

Мarket potential

$27,2 trillion

Total value of agricultural land, farms and forestry

500 mln

Small and medium farms worldwide without reliable source of financing


Growth in global food demand by 2050

50 000

Agtech companies


increase in farmers’ productivity

Food worth

$940 billion

is wasted due to inefficiencies in food supply chain every year

Creation of added value by positive influence on sustainability of global economy Precision agriculture contributes to cleaner environment and better food for everybody

1,5 billion

people (FAO by UN)

Feeding the world releases up to

17 billion tons

of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually that will be decreased by implementation of agtech

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Taras Basistyk-Gaptar

Managing Partner of agricultural operations

Victor Yermak

Technical solutions

Dmytro Ruzhytskyi

Business development

Boris Besolyuk

Chief agronomist

Daniel Arevalo

Lead developer

Aditya Dev Sood

Indian blockchain market

Shadi Paterson

Growth advisor

Daniel Leston

Development advisor

Dmitry Kroshka

Head of Ukrsadprom association

Leonid Prodanyuk


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