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Embrace a New Era of Property Investments

Smartlands Platform is a worldwide security token issuance platform.

Interested in

Purpose-built student accommodation in Nottingham

Newly-built PBSA block of 124 Studios will be available for investment soon.

Newly-built PBSA block of 124 Studios will be available for investment soon.

Funding Target
Equity Share
Expected Returns
Project Term
36 months
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Why Invest with Smartlands?

High-Yield investments only

Clear options of exiting investments

Fully compliant under international law


Invest with fiat or crypto


Blockchain based: Fast, secure and transparent


Experienced team and reputable partners

An unrivalled co-investment model that allows you to invest alongside experienced asset managers and affluent property owners

We are using the blockchain technology to change investing in real estate by making the process more accessible, transparent and less costly for a wide circle of global investors.

Easily Accessible Investment

Smartlands enables investors to participate in institutional-grade
closed club deals with a much lower buy-in threshold than
investing directly through the same Sponsors.

Traditionally, investors need to make a minimum investment of
1-5 million euros each to access one of these lucrative
institutional- grade deals. Smartlands is opening this market to a
new circle of sophisticated investors who can now benefit from
risk-adjusted returns.

We make it possible for you to invest in projects traditionally
available to high-value individuals and institutions only. With
Smartlands, you can start small and earn big.

Why You Will Love our Platform


It's a hub where asset owners, asset
managers, and investors get together.

Track investments.

The dashboard allows you to review how much income
you’ve earned, along with any capital gains or losses.

Earn income.

Earn a dividend - which represents the property’s
income after all costs and provisions.

Document Management.

A place where all documents pertinent to securities
offerings are stored safely and conveniently.


The Platform's interface is developed in strict
accordance with the FCA guidelines.

Payments Gateway.

Full access to investing online.

Sell your investments.

List your shares on the Platform for the other
investors to buy on secondary market.

How it works


Property owner enters
into agreement with


Custodian issues
and transfers tokens
to Smartlands for token


Investors onboarded by
Smartlands, including
KYC/AML procedures

Property owner

Unsold tokens
are burnt.


Property owner provides
collateral in exchange
for fiat provided by


Smartlands transfers
accumulated fiat
to custodian


Investors buy tokens
through Smartlands platform
(with fiat or cryptocurrencies)

About SLT

SLT is the Smartlands Platform’s native utility token used for payments
and unlocking access to projects or services. To hold SLTs is
a requirement on the Platform.

The SLT holding requirement is essential for the Smartlands Platform
because it guarantees all payments.

The SLT holding requirement compels investors to plan their campaigns
better, knowing that they can count on the SLT’s well-pronounced
liquidity that continuously stimulates the demand for the token and
protects both investors and the Platform from market fluctuation.

In other words, using SLT for covering all operational costs is a fast, safe
and secureway of paying for things on the Smartlands Platform.

We cooperate with Stellar and other partners on Platform development