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Smartlands is the first mover in fractional digital ownership

Why Invest with Smartlands?

Lucrative asset classes
Use both fiat and digital currencies
Fast, secure, and transparent transactions on blockchain
Clear exit strategies
Global investment platform compliant with regulatory framework
Experienced team and reputable partners
  • Smartlands enables investors to participate in institutional-grade deals with a much lower buy-in threshold than investing directly through the same sponsors.
  • With us you won’t face a minimum investment of 100k pounds to access one of the most lucrative assets. Designed by Smartlands co-investment model allows to invest alongside experienced asset managers and benefit from risk-adjusted returns.
  • Settle paperless transactions in seconds!

Why You Will Love
our Platform


It's a hub where asset owners, asset managers, and investors get together

Earn income

Earn a dividend - which represents the property’s income after all costs and provisions


The Platform's interface is developed in strict accordance with the FCA guidelines

Payments Gateway

Full access to investing online

Sell your investments

List your shares on the Platform for the other investors to buy on secondary market

Track investments

The dashboard allows you to review how much income you’ve earned, along with any capital gains or losses

Document Management

A place where all documents pertinent to securities offerings are stored safely and conveniently

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Your capital is at risk.
Please refer to Key Risks for further details.