As you know, recently we have initiated the process of obtaining the necessary permissions in a new European jurisdiction. We believe this step will unveil even more opportunities our technology can provide for both business and investors. Along with it, our team has analysed data previously collected on the platform, detected customer behaviour patterns and as a result got an insight into what features are in demand by Smartlands users. This is how Smartlands team initiated an update of Smartlands user interface. The situation around pandemic has accelerated this process as Smartlands, no matter how strange it may sound, has obtained a room of opportunity.

Today we are thrilled to inform you that Smartlands has launched a pilot version of an updated platform interface in a test mode.

NB! During a test mode phase, we intentionally won’t transfer profiles and history of the previously registered users.

All your personal information and history is completely safe and stored in an encrypted form. Once the test of the new interface is completed, all data will be transferred according to your request.

Spoiler alert, almost everything. And now let’s look into details.

  1. We tried to design an interface in the most simple and laconic way possible. The idea is to add only the features you really need and exclude unclaimed ones. No more, no less.
  2. Starting from now registered users don’t need to navigate to the separate interface that initially was significantly different from Smartlands website in terms of structure and UX. Now you are able to stay on the same website as a registered user and manage your account, study offerings and invest directly from the main website. Today we test the model when Smartlands website IS the interface of Smartlands investment platform.
  3. As we are heading to a new jurisdiction, the requirements for the user verification (KYC) process is getting friendlier and this was also reflected in our updated interface. Yes, we know how painful for many of you this process was, but it is in the past. 

In a nutshell, there are now 2 levels of registration: basic and full. The difference is quite straightforward. After basic registration, you will have access to almost all functions on the platform. Yet, to conduct investment payments, you will need to complete a full registration.

What’s next?

  • To simplify the process of passing full verification, we are working on the integration with Smartlands Identity. This will include our brand new Smartee App that we believe many of you have already tried before.
  • For the next release, we plan to work on the UI part. No wonder as a role model we plan to use the design of our Smartlands website considering it was developed according to the latest worldwide practices and standards.
  • We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments as a valuable source of inspiration for the next developments.

We invite you to join us and test the updated interface! To do this, please visit our website and register your test account, check the updated functionality and make sure to leave your feedback either by sending email to [email protected] or dropping your message in the support widget on the website.

Once again we invite everyone to create your test accounts and especially those users who have passed verification before. All your data and history will become available at your request once the testing stage is completed.

Stay tuned for more updates!