Smartee is a community-inspired project, meaning that it’s built around our members’ specific needs, one of which is to be able to conduct a large array of operations with major cryptocurrencies via one simple and friendly mobile app.

However, it’s important to remember that Smartee is much more than just another app for crypto enthusiasts, it’s a Smartlands-powered full-featured digital banking solution offering such key features as:

  • FREE PAYMENT CARD. Spend digital currencies in real life + withdraw cash
  • Simple and quick EXCHANGE of digital money to EUR, GBP or other currencies in minutes
  • Opportunity to save cash back or 1> % from your daily expenditures and EARN
  • FREE current account in EUR, GBP + (crypto) wallet for the most popular digital currencies
  • EASY cross-border payments in fiat or crypto
  • Opportunity to issue invoices, accept payments or issue FREE cards to your team

One of its core features, perhaps the one that should command the most attention from our community – the Co-ownership program and we’re happy to inform you that the marvellous opportunity to co-own Smartee, refer your friends and associates to it, and collect rewards is already available to you and the members of your circle of trust.

The rules for the Co-ownership program are as simple as we could possibly make them: refer your friends to the Program and receive Smartee shares. The more friends you invite, the more shares you’ll get, that’s it in a nutshell (full details can be found here). The total amount of shares designated for the Сo-owner program is 6 million, which constitutes 10% of outstanding shares at the moment of Smartee incorporation, so we’ve got plenty for everyone. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the Smartee app, register your free account and pass KYC. Congrats! You now own 3 (three) shares of Smartee!
  2. Receive the referral link.

Once you successfully complete the onboarding process, just copy the referral link and share it with as many of your social connections as you like. And no, the link will not expire “in 1 hour”, so take your time and don’t rush into anything. Just make sure your friends follow the referral link you share with them on the device they will use. Otherwise, no shares for you! 

    3. Receive even more shares! 

The beauty part is, you can obtain 3 (three) additional Smartee shares per each person you invite to Smartee, but they’d also have to complete the onboarding process, basically, repeat the procedure you’d gone through yourself.

If you or your referees have already installed the application, but have not finished onboarding, no worries. You can reopen the process anytime from the link on the device the Smartee app is installed on, complete KYC and claim your shares.

That’s it! Oh, and  one more thing. The cherry on top is the Smartee payment card, which Co-owners will be receiving first as soon as distribution begins in Q1 2020. Motivating the Smartlands + Smartee community to participate in the Smartee Co-ownership program is going to be an essential part of our ecosystem’s development for the upcoming years, but we’re not going to stop at co-ownership. Get ready for more features, more goodies, various types of incentives and let’s grow together.