Since the launch of Smartlands, we’ve been working with asset owners, asset managers, and investment managers the world over to build a pipeline of investment projects in asset classes ideal for tokenisation. Not to sound boastful, but the amount of work our business development team has done is massive. Over the last year and a half, we’ve had over 11K wallets opened, our community is now over 16K-strong and we’ve covered multiple geographies and jurisdictions researching opportunities in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Colombia, Belarus, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam. 

The sectors of the real economy that received our special attention are the extraction and collection of natural resources, both commercial and residential real estate, the industrial property market, renewable energy, agriculture, and technology companies with an emphasis on telecom and IT sectors. 

As global financial inclusion has been an integral part of the Smartlands’ message, we are now looking at several projects designed to counter the dysfunctional consequences of thoughtless globalisation. We realise that sustainable living is key to universal welfare. Therefore we’re considering involvement in several projects for bridging housing gaps in Africa, promoting healthy green environmentally-friendly lifestyle through the use of bio-composite materials (hempcrete), and several others. We are looking forward to contributing to sustainable global agro-economy, eco-conscious property developments and other sustainability projects in the most vulnerable areas of the world. 

We’ve been pitched over a100 different projects ranging from $100 thousand to $100 million in deal size and totalling more than $1 billion. For serious consideration, we have selected over 15 projects ranging in deal size from €100 thousand to €50 million with tokenised shares totalling more than €100 million.

Due to non-disclosure requirements, at this time, we are not at liberty to discuss any of the ongoing opportunities. However, we can say that among the front runners are a £500 million residential highrise in the heart of London, a smart city in the coastal area of Brazil, and a successful vineyard in California. We are also considering private shares of a pre-IPO billion-dollar company in the US. 

Note that we’ve been making a push towards institutional customers and have generated serious interest in Smartlands’ capabilities on the part of institutional investors and asset owners. Therefore the projects in the pipeline are going to be structured as institutional-level offerings. This will allow us and our partners to tokenise big projects creating institutional-level liquidity.