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Smartlands at Consensus 2019: Exploring The Space Gives Way to Finding Real Solutions

May 16, 2019

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In 2018 Smartlands joined a Security Token Revolution and in 2019 we are continuing our mission to achieve the impossible having embarked on the journey of asset tokenization. This time we’ve descended upon the New York Blockchain Week and spent spectacular four days presenting the“Unicorn Vision” – our strategy for 2019-2020, making new contacts, and generally moving the industry forward; to put it modestly, we had a glorious time filled with new partnerships, exciting opportunities, and real discoveries. And now we’re exhausted.

Smartlands VP of Operations Antanas Krasauskas and Jimmy Song

Fresh off the plane, we dove right into the deep end and landed at the Tokenize Assets New York event looking for comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and the creation of a security token.

Here, we made some connections, loved the talk by Ryan Hanley, VP Business Development at TokenMarket Technologies, had a fascinating discussion with one of the most eloquent public speakers we have ever had the privilege to listen to, Sang H. Lee, President and CEO at DarcMatter and Konstellation. The meeting with Dan Doney, CEO at Securrency, showed some great potential for both companies: Securrency as a global financial services technology infrastructure company which may be a perfect fit for Smartlands’ model of integrating new types of securities into the real economy, so we spoke a common language.

Antanas Krasauskas on a panel with Annelise Osborne, EVP at Fluidity Factora during Tokenize Assets New York

The peak of Tokenize Assets New York was a highly productive meeting with ConsenSys, during which we’ve explored the possibility of joining efforts to issue security tokens and swap them between Ethereum and Stellar. The discussion got serious when both parties agreed to delve deeper into the subject during talks in ConsenSys’ London office next week.

The rest of Consensus with the “U” was no less exciting. We’ve generated substantial mutual interest with Yuval Wirzberger, CEO of SolidBlock and the brains behind the magnificent collaboration with Indiegogo that launched the Aspen Coin leading to tokenization of the St. Regis Aspen Resort ($18M raised). We have found so much in common with Yuval and his organization that working together on tokenizing properties in many different jurisdictions seems imminent.

Another great lead was BRITE Investments. The possible partnership seems perfectly organic: BRITE has the pipeline of properties, Smartlands has the tech, legal know-how, and is registered with the FCA. The collaboration with BRITE may very well be the springboard Smartlands needs to enter the US property market and start onboarding American investors, bite into the vast American private equity pool, and start exploring the country’s larger than life SME proprietor and customer base.

Antanas Krasauskas and Alexander Green, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Globacap

It was a genuine pleasure to see Consensus 2019 brimming with innovation and hope. Even though we are living in a divisive time, never has optimism about the future that can be enabled by blockchain technology been more pervasive. Never has it been more challenging to be in the business of pushing the “tokenization of everything” forward. Some companies are amid belt-tightening, others like Changelly,, HUOBY, and many others struggle to generate institutional interest and create real solutions. Perhaps, the crowds were thinner and less exuberant this year. But if meeting and befriending the rockstar of the space, Forbes columnist, podcaster, and all-around awesome chic Rachel Wolfson has taught us anything, it’s that defining a school of thought by the vibrancy of the debate within is the surest way to get to what is real. Smartlands remains engaged, fierce, and vigilant. We are more convinced than ever that the time for exploration slowly but surely gives way to the time of solutions, and we intend to stay the course.

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