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Smartlands Questionnaire Results (Infographic)

November 14, 2019

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Our recent email poll showed us that community engagement goes a long way when it comes to determining both tactical moves and strategic goals. It’s a delight to see that our followers have become more accustomed to being included in all vital decisions on Smartlands and are eager to help with relevant research. The response rate from our 16K-strong community with over 11K wallets opened was amazing – many of you who received our questionnaire had opened the email and spent a significant amount of time answering the questions.

We now know exactly the geography and jurisdiction of every participant and can base our subsequent offerings on that data. We know which asset class you find most attractive in terms of your strategic financial goals (we know those too) and can now focus on what’s important to you. We know which age groups are dominating Smartlands and can now prepare tailor-made social engagement programs so that nobody feels left out. We know what you, our faithful followers, consider our ups and downs so we can continue working on better publicising the former and correcting the latter. And so, so much more!

Those members of the Smartlands community who followed through with the questionnaire know that there was not a single question that in any way jeopardised their privacy. By asking you to participate in the poll, we intended only to gather critical data necessary for better understanding your wants, needs, and aspirations and it’s a real pleasure to see that you all heeded our call. 

Social engagement on Smartlands always was and remains all about our mutual benefits (hope the questionnaire participants found handy the exclusive global economy outlook we’ve compiled for you). A healthy relationship never lacks in reciprocal interaction, and we’re happy that with time, our efforts became far less about our follower count and far more about how we interact as business partners do for better practical results.


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