It has been apparent to the Smartlands team for some time now that cashless society is the wave of the future. Mobile payment services render entire countries virtually independent form the global financial industry’s mood swings by granting their users the ability to do all that millennials love doing inside the app. Chat, shop online, make purchases at brick and mortar shops, transfer money – today, you can do it all on a go, in one click, for next to nothing or even for free. And Smartlands is gearing up to do its part in making our financial lives even easier.

In May, during the New York Blockchain Week we have unveiled “Unicorn Vision” – our strategic development program for 2019-2020, in which we revealed our objective to further Smartlands cause by creating a banking product featuring:

  • The opportunity to open a multi-currency IBAN account in minutes
  • Payment card for international use at ATMs (cash withdrawals), payments on the Internet, and for contactless payments at traditional retail facilities
  • The functionale for fast global transactions in EUR, GBP, USD (SEPA, SWIFT)  
  • The ability to buy cryptocurrencies and conduct fast exchanges for multiple fiat currencies choosing only the best OTC rates with account crediting in split-seconds
  • Rewards for select operations with your account, additional percentage credited to your account based on the amount stored in the account

Needless to say, the plan was met with the enthusiastic “Hooray!” from the community. Persistent questioning (or, rather, grilling) by our early adopters, followers, and friends ensued, and today, having taken in all of your feedback, we’re not only making our banking product and payment card an indispensable tool for investing in property and equity on the Smartlands platform. Most importantly, this new product will appeal both to our clients whose preferences lie exclusively in setting up fiat currency accounts, purchasing crypto assets, exchanging crypto for fiat and making payments using the Smartlands payment card.

However, even at the earliest stages of development our legal consultants have already encountered regulatory risks of developing a banking product under the unified Smartlands brand. Having consulted both in-house and independent marketing strategists, technologists, and legal specialists, we’ve realized that the new banking service we are making available to our global audience before the year’s end would have to have its own unique name, identity, and positioning.

As always, the opinion of our community matters to us the most, so we are putting the name of the future star-service to a community vote. Keep in mind that it wasn’t the intention of the Smartlands planners to separate the new banking product from the Smartlands brand completely. After all, we spend two years developing the kind of international recognition that firmly puts Smartlands on the front line of global asset tokenization. Therefore, we tried to do our best to style the identity of the Smartlands banking product around the existing Smartlands pallette in a way that would maximize brand recognition by association and reveal the core value of the new product.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce to you the three variants of the name for the new banking product:

  1.     sltGO! –  Smart Light Transactions
  2.     smartme –  Make me smarter, I’m smart, Me smart
  3.     smartee –  3 functions (three-pronged approach): Hold money, Spend money, Earn Money

Voting begins on May 31, concluding on June 7, 2019.


The vote will take place in the Smartlands Wallet and will be available only to SLT holders. To make yourself eligible for voting, you must first log-in to your Smartlands wallet. However, we would like to hear from as many people as possible, so please, use our regular channels of communication to voice your opinion. Please, use this step-by-step guide on how to use Smartlands voting system for decentralized management and let’s make history together!