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Smartlands to Release White Label Services for Business to Get Ready to Post-COVID-19 World

April 8, 2020

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In a blog post on Jan 22, we discussed updates Smartlands is going to implement in its business model and denoted that in 2020 Smartlands will align itself primarily with the interests of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors, as well as develop B2B products. This decision wasn’t accidental, but rather a result of the insights and experience the team has obtained for the last years. In this blog, let’s have a deeper look at how Smartlands plans to approach the B2B audience. 

First and foremost Smartlands is getting ready to release SaaS service for varieties of business clients: starting from small enterprises that previously have had no experience with investment and crowdfunding, ending with prominent companies seeking solutions to optimise existing operational processes and significantly reduce costs.

During the last 2 years, our team obtained huge experience that we feel proud about, namely studied compliance in 50 countries, developed a jurisdiction-agnostic solution for fast confirmation and settlement, learned how to sell digital securities for fiat and digital currencies, and listed high-profile offerings on the platform. The team has also obtained sufficient raw data and thoroughly analysed patterns of customer behaviour. Now we understand the most requested features on the platform, our value proposition, as well as UX improvements to focus on in our technical solutions.


All this background combined with Smartlands’ current focus on developing relationships with the business segment and decline in business activity brought us to the idea to offer the following White Label products for Business:

  • Fundraising management. It’s one of the core features we decided to concentrate on. Not only this solution will help businesses to automate the fundraising process, but to attract investments from 50+ countries in fiat and digital currencies, receive automated custody and escrow services, and on top of this – get low fixed fees.
  • Investor onboarding and account opening process (Smartlands Identity). This is a fully integrated and digitised investor onboarding workflow designed to manage documents submissions, ensure compliance and automate KYC, AML checks in a few minutes. 
  • Smartlands investment marketplace will include a real-time dashboard, streamline investor communications and dividends issuing features. 
  • Cap table management will enable businesses to automate the process and conduct fast transactions in just 5 seconds. 


The goals are indeed ambitious, yet a simple development is not enough as commercial terms are one of the key pillars in creating a good value proposition. One of the most difficult phases for the enterprises is to acquire and start serving the first clients. This is where Smartlands is able to help by developing the product that requires almost no time and money resources to be allocated. Multiply this by product quality, functionality and ability to solve clients’ diverse needs and you receive an indispensable solution for the enterprises. Currently, the team is developing a price model and will soon disclose to the public the prices. In the first place, details of the solution designed for the SMEs are expected to be released. We aim to surprise with accessibility and wide integration possibilities! And of course, when it comes to Smartlands products and service payment model, we need to discuss the role of SLT as an integral part of the ecosystem needs. As this topic is quite extensive, we will cover it in the next blog post.

With regard to the development of the business model and new products, our team has scheduled another website update. Stay tuned and be among the first to get more details! Meanwhile, our Smartlands BizDev team (and we are truly proud of them!) are already in active negotiations with the first clients of SaaS service from Smartlands. Once worldwide limitations on social and business activities are removed, our team aims to announce the first successful use cases.

We invite the companies looking into automatisation of the fundraising process to join us. If you are interested in organising crowdfunding to support and develop your enterprise during these hard times, automate the onboarding, client verification, and workflow processes, we are all here for you. Just drop an email to [email protected].

Meanwhile, stay safe and follow our updates!

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