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Frequently asked question

Where and how do I buy SLT?

There are two ways to buy SLT:

  1. via Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX)
  2. via  Exrates exchange.

The second one is faster if you don’t possess XLM, but we recommend the first one since by choosing SDEX you benefit from trading directly on blockchain without centralized intermediaries and extra commissions. Buying SLT on SDEX requires to have a Stellar account and a sufficient amount of XLM on your balance. If you don’t have a Stellar account yet follow these steps:

  1. Buy XLM. SLT is a Stellar based asset (token) and the most liquid trading pair is SLT-XLM. To buy SLT with XLM, obviously, you need to purchase XLM first. To buy XLM you can go to any exchange from this list and choose one which is the most suitable for you in terms of payment methods, language, and other preferences. When you buy XLM remember that it is recommended to keep your XLM balance no less than 2,5 XLM (or even more if you plan to set many offers). Stellar network requires a minimum balance on your account that increases with the amount of trustlines (required to make any actions with any Stellar-based tokens, e.g. SLT) and outstanding offers. The minimum balance required to open an account is 1 XLM. Besides, you will need to hold 0.5 XLM for each trustline added and 0.5 XLM for each outstanding offer. Hold additional 0.1-0.5 XLM to cover the fees (0.00001 XLM per operation).
  2. Get an account on Stellar. Once you have XLM, you can create a Stellar account. First you should generate a keypair that comprises a public and a private key.
    – Public key: a public key is used to identify the account. It is also often referred to as an “account” or an “address.” A public key is used for receiving funds or checking balances with block explorers.
    – Private key: a private (or secret) key is used to access your account and make transactions. Keep this code safe and secure. Anyone with the code will have full access to the account and funds. Don’t lose the key, as you will no longer be able to access the funds and there is no recovery mechanism.
    After saving the keypair, transfer your XLM to a public key of your account. For this purpose you can use almost any Stellar-based wallet. Smartlands Platform developed its own wallet – Smartlands wallet. Once your XLM is transferred to your account, you can login with your private key and add trustline for SLT.
  3. Exchange XLM for SLT. Now you are ready to purchase SLTs on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (also known as SDEX). Create an offer to buy SLTs with XLM. Your offer will be executed at the best available price, so you can set higher SLT price than the best ask offer available or you can set a limit order to buy SLTs and wait until somebody executes it.

To learn more about trading SLTs on SDEX, please review this tutorial  https://smartlands.io/wp/2017/12/21/how-to-trade-on-sdex/

What is the total supply and circulating supply?

The total supply of SLTs is roughly 7.2 mln, the circulating supply is currently 5,1 mln SLTs. You can always check the total supply of SLTs and the rest of the relative information on SLT here

Where can I find Lightpaper?

You can find the Smartlands’ Lightpaper here

Where can I find the Smartlands roadmap?

The most up to date version of the Technical Roadmap is here. The Smartlands legal framework roadmap is here.

What the SLTs are used for?

SLT is a utility token which serves the following purposes:

  1. It is a unit of account on the Smartlands Platform
  2. SLT holders can set the rules of the platform with decentralized management system through voting their SLTs.
  3. It can be used for buying and selling security tokens issued on Smartlands Platform
  4. ABT issuers/holders are required to hold SLTs according to the Smartlands Platform’s rules.

Is Smartlands represented on social networks?

What are the sectors of real economy that Smartlands focuses on the most?

Smartlands focuses on tokenization in the Real Estate sector and Agricultural assets.

What is a security token?

Security token is a security issued in the form of a blockchain token. Both a security owner, and a security token holder have the same rights. The most typical securities are shares, bonds, and derivatives.

How can I apply to list a security token on Smartlands?

To start the process you need to submit your application here. Issuing security tokens is a complex procedure and the Smartlands platform will guide a company/asset owner through all the required steps.

What does “tokenizing an asset” mean? What are the benefits of it?

“Tokenization” is a mechanism that allows an asset to be represented by a digital entity – a token. Why tokenize assets?

  • The rights to an asset are digitized and easily transferable through sending tokens or a trading process
  • Simple for plain vanilla assets, highly complex for compounded and multifaceted assets
  • All permits for digital processing are rolled into the token’s code for ease and speed of operation
  • A Security Token (representing an asset) is a completely new instrument for a novel asset management infrastructure
  • An asset along with all of its transactions represented by a Security Token on the blockchain can be viewed by all  members of an ecosystem
  • Tokenized assets (security tokens) are of much higher liquidity

Where and how do I store the SLTs that are not currently traded on exchanges?

If you hold your SLT in your personal Stellar account (you hold the private key for the account) it means you store your SLTs “off exchange”. It is possible to trade on Stellar decentralized exchange directly from your Stellar account through Stellar-based wallets/portals, but it does not mean that your balance is stored “on exchange”. The balance of a Stellar account is stored on the Stellar network (blockchain), so “an exchange” cannot steal your balance, deny transfer/”withdrawal” or get hacked.

Nevertheless you bear all risks of having a crypto account – your private key may be stolen/phished or the wallet can get hacked. Probably the safest way to store your SLTs is to store them on your Ledger Nano S.

What is Smartlands Index Token?

Once the number of security tokens issued on the Platform reaches five, the Platform will construct the index encompassing all the Platform’s security tokens (ST). After the issue of 10 ST on the Platform, an index token will be issued. As illustrated on the picture below, proceeds from selling of index tokens will be used to buy all the security tokens issued on Smartlands in proportions defined by the index calculation algorithm. Security tokens balances will be amended in case of deviations from the proportions or issue of new ST on the Platform.

The index token will make the Smartlands index of security tokens investable providing an opportunity to buy all the tokens in a certain proportion with one action.

We expect Smartlands Platform’s security tokens to become a popular safe haven assets for crypto investors and high-yield low-volatility investment for retail fiat investors. If an investor is not an expert in fundamental analysis and is unable to pick a specific token efficiently, the Index Token is the optimal way to make a low-risk investment and get familiar with security tokens without having an extensive expertise in the field. Index token is diversified by design therefore a possible failure of an individual security token is not going to significantly affect the entire portfolio.

The assets in which countries will Smartlands tokenize first?

Initially, Smartlands focuses on assets in the European and South Asian countries, but in the future we will be launching and curating tokenization projects all over the world.