Asset tokenization with the Smartlands Platform provides additional opportunities and benefits for real economy companies. Here is a short summary of the benefits.

  • Asset-backed token (ABT) is a security issued on a blockchain – an inclusive technology that is not affected by country borders or local standards.
  • Simple, convenient, reliable and agile way to attract investments for long-term development.
  • Lower cost of capital for high-quality companies compared to currently available options in wide range of cases.
  • Borderless and inclusive instrument – opportunity to reach investors all over the world.
  • Automatic, free and immediate listing of asset-backed tokens (ABT) on the decentralized exchange of Smartlands Platform after the end of the token offering.
  • Ability to use asset-backed tokens (ABT) as enhanced mean of payments to align motivation of stakeholders, particularly with the application of a ready to use smart contract that locks up ABTs for a certain agreed amount of time. That may apply to key employees of the company and key suppliers/contractors.