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Crowdfunding License Will Take Assets Tokenization on Smartlands to the Next Level

June 14, 2018

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Smartlands is going to employ a crowdfunding platform license to create a solid foundation for the future of assets tokenization within the platform. In order to be fully compliant with the law, the company plans further expansion by launching a new office in Vilnius. The Lithuanian office opening is going to be fulfilled hand-in-hand with the acquisition of the aforementioned license, in order to gain the most from Lithuania’s favorable legislation and governmental endorsement of FinTech industry.

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency market is the largest threat that keeps majority of investors away from the industry and many businesses from wide adoption of blockchain.

Smartlands is planning to face this challenge by creating the necessary legal framework to enforce assets tokenization in full compliance with the law.

A clarity of a legal mechanism and proactive work with international lawyers that Smartlands is committed to, will open completely new opportunities for generating income for investors and a sense of stability for the businesses aiming to tokenize their assets.

How Smartlands Can Ensure Stability for the Cryptocurrency-Based Economy?

We have carefully chosen Lithuania, because it is one of the few countries with very clear and concise legislation relating to the topics of crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, and related institutions. The development of the cryptocurrency market in the country is welcomed by the government, while Lithuania is part of the EU so tokens issued in compliance with its legislation gains the full access to the EU, EEA, and other markets.

These two key reasons combine and nurture a unique technology scene, which we aim to be at the forefront of. This scene has the potential to make Lithuania a powerhouse in FinTech development, and we hope to push assets tokenization more prominently into the mix. This is important for our overall goal to overcome any geographical obstacles, and become a globally recognised tokenization platform.

Being right within the discourse of a flourishing digital market, as well as being an actively participating member of it, will allow the Smartlands Platform to capitalise on new developments, be more directly involved with EEA/EU communities, and attract capital from all over the European continent, as well as the larger world.

The process itself is a lot easier to complete in Lithuania than in other places, but it still requires careful cooperation with the Bank of Lithuania, as well as forward planning regarding large transactions in the future. We are taking careful measures to attain the license in the best way possible, and will use this experience in later endeavours regarding crowdfunding licenses. After all, Lithuania is the initial step, and an incredibly important one at that.

Next Steps in the Smartlands Platform Expansion

Following this expansion, we have our eyes set on the United Kingdom. The UK is a primary location in our growth roadmap, and we plan to acquire a similar license there, as we are doing in Lithuania.

The UK is a hotbed of FinTech developments, large potential investors, and international investment opportunities. Near-future conferences and events, such as the Oxford FinTech Programme, will see the best minds of the financial community collate and discuss the path which technology could take. Having our Platform within this region is a priority, in order to help carve this direction in a way which promotes asset tokenization and Stellar.

Many of UK based real estate assets are potential targets for tokenization, so further expanding into the UK opens up to even more opportunities for efficient investments, capital growth and asset synergy to Smartlands.

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