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Discovering Potential in Fundraising with Smartlands: Initial Results

June 3, 2020

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Last month our team released many exciting announcements, and we do hope you didn’t miss the launch of the brand new product from Smartlands – Fundraising Plugin. For the newbies, this article is a perfect opportunity to familiarise themselves with the purpose and core features of our product. Meanwhile, we encourage the rest of you to continue reading and enjoy the first results.

In a nutshell, Fundraising Plugin is a solution for a fast launch of your own website (page or section on your existing website) of an automated, functional and at the same time affordable fundraising system for small enterprises that most likely haven’t had notable experience in investing and crowdfunding. At the first stage, users will be able to discover their fundraising potential on WordPress with prompt configuration and without being overpriced.

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code “embedded” in your site. In other words, it is an extension of your site that modifies and improves its basic functions. 

With just a few simple steps, our Fundraising Plugin will significantly expand the functionality of your website. Technically, the application will allow you to configure your page or website and enable fundraising for diverse purposes. And the icing of the cake, the solution is almost ready-to-use as setup will take just a couple of days. If you still have some questions on the perks of using our Plugin, we recommend checking one of our recent articles.

We are happy to report that more than 90 entrepreneurs expressed their interest in our product and 40 of them have submitted their applications to start using the Plugin just in one week after the release of the dedicated product website To put it differently, this means potential issuance of 40 digital assets just in the first week

Such an interest of digital entrepreneurs to the Plugin is of particular importance for our team as it confirms our hypotheses and indicates we are accurate with analysis results. These bring confidence and spur us to proceed with our developed strategy, which in the first place is focused on meeting the needs of the business.

We also expect that the Smartlands Fundraising Plugin will become a simple, affordable and convenient tool for issuing digital assets on the recently presented Smartlands Network blockchain solution.

The public network will be designed to provide a different level of oversight that is required for different types of assets under different regulations. Digital assets will range from tokens issued by using Smartlands Fundraising Plugin that may require no regulation whatsoever to regulated digital securities (financial instruments).  

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