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Freda Bielske Joins Smartlands as VP of Marketing

September 10, 2018

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September is a month for team growth here at Smartlands, as we announce our latest team member, Freda Bielske, our VP of Marketing. She is joining us from the fintech company Ferratum Group, where she worked as a Marketing Manager responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy for financial products in 8 countries.

As VP of Marketing at Smartlands, Freda will develop and execute our marketing strategy. She will also be analyzing current market dynamics and trends, to ensure customer acquisition and business growth across our key geographies. In this short interview, Freda shares some of her plans and perspectives for developing marketing at Smartlands:

What’s the most exciting thing about joining Smartlands?

I’m looking forward to learning new insights while, of course, sharing my own knowledge and experience, in order to achieve great results.

What is the biggest challenge in your new role, and how are you going to overcome it?

It’s an exciting, but very challenging position. Despite the promise that this industry holds, there’s a lot of confusion around it. So, It might be difficult to frame our product in a way that’s easily understood by the masses. At the same time, there is a lot we can do to help people bridge the present knowledge gap around this field, and help overcome the negative stigma around it.

What will be the key focus of the marketing strategy?

It is hard to properly market a product to someone who barely understands it. So, educating the market about what blockchain and asset tokenization is, and helping them to understand what value it brings – this is one of our most important objectives. A main focus of Smartlands marketing will be user experience development, combined with an insight-driven approach, which includes projects about understanding the industry (and how it changes so quickly), customer journey mapping, getting audience input, and omnichannel strategy.


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