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Making tokenisation available for everyone! Smartlands launches Fundraising Plugin for Websites

April 20, 2020

Category: Blog

Thank you for your interest. We will notify you when the Plugin will be available to you!

In a recent blog post we have presented new services that Smartlands plans to develop for varieties of business clients: starting from small enterprises that previously have had no experience with investment and crowdfunding, ending with prominent companies seeking solutions to optimise existing operational processes and significantly reduce costs. And now we are delighted to announce that Smartlands is launching its very own Fundraising Plugin to meet the demand of this audience.

Who it is designed for?

Today we present, in the first place, a solution for a fast launch of your own website (page or section on your existing website) of an automated, functional and at the same time affordable fundraising system for small enterprises that most likely haven’t had notable experience in investing and crowdfunding. At these troubled times of a downturn in business activity, we understand that it is small businesses that faced a shortage of funds and now seek for opportunities to withstand during the pandemic and what’s more – recover after the crisis. And we are all here to help you!

How does it work?

At the first stage, we use the WordPress Plugin system to solve the main problems of a quick, easy launch and configuration, and not to forget an affordable price. You are probably aware that around 30% of all sites now run on WordPress, that’s why we expect fast penetration and adoption of our solution.

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code “embedded” in your WordPress site. In other words, it is an extension of your site that modifies and improves its basic functions.

With just a few simple steps, our Fundraising Plugin will significantly expand the functionality of your website. Technically, the application will allow you to configure your page or website and enable fundraising for diverse purposes. And the icing of the cake, the solution is almost ready-to-use as configuration will take just a couple of days.

Soon Smartlands Fundraising Plugin will be available in the popular WordPress plugin stores and once it happens we will share the full list with all of you.

What problem does it solve?

Smartlands Fundraising Plugin is designed to expand your website and provide with extra functionality. With this extension, you can set up and launch your own fully functional fundraising webpage in a few days and start targeting your database of existing customers, users, communities or friends:

  • Attract investments through the sale of a share (part) of your company, project (business) by issuing digital shares on the blockchain;
  • Borrow funds by issuing convertible debt digital receipts (bonds);
  • Offer prepaid access to your products or services.
  • Accept digital donations registered on the public blockchain.

As you can see we aimed to develop Plugin functions that could satisfy as many of your financial needs as possible, especially during the pandemic and global quarantine.

What about the price?

We understand that during these challenging times the functionalities we offer might be of a great use for businesses, for this reason, we decided to set up the minimal price.

The price of the license starts from $75 (the price is effective by the end of July 2020). It is worth mentioning that our pricing model is based on

  • 1-time price
  • no monthly fee 
  • no annual fee  

What will you get for this price?

Oh, you will get a plethora of functions there! Let us mention that this list is not exhaustive as we plan to expand the functionality of the Fundraising Plugin. Yet the core features are the following:

  • Multiple Payment Gateways. Embedded payments in fiat (national) and digital currencies, as well as WooCommerce plugin, PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards;
  • Ready-to-go template of a landing page that can be used to showcase project to potential investors or donators;
  • Clients registration and onboarding;
  • Add forms to your WordPress site in a variety of styles including standalone pages, buttons, and more.
  • Dashboard that displays instant information about your clients’ payments and their history of transactions;
  • All major marketing tools to enhance your performance: starting from Google Analytics, MailChimp ending with integration with social media like Twitter and Facebook;
  • User-friendly investor/donator profile management control panel;
  • AND the possibility to issue digital tokens on the Stellar blockchain to represent contributions/shares.

Looks like a good value for money! If you want to know more, we suggest to sign up below and to get Early access.

Smartlands Ecosystem + Secondary market!

Except for the abovementioned, one of the major benefits you gain is the opportunity to join Smartlands ecosystem. In a word, once you start using Fundraising Plugin and successfully issue at least one of the available digital assets, you gain the possibility to place it on the secondary trading platform of the Smartlands Secondary Market. The advantage here is obvious – your asset will be available to a wider range of potential investors! Launch of the Smartlands Secondary Market is scheduled for Q3 of 2020, so stay tuned for more updates on progress.

We invite you to sign up to get priority access for the free demo version of the Smartlands Fundraising Plugin. 

Sign up to Get early access to Smartlands Fundraising Plugin demo

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