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March Newsletter

April 6, 2018

Category: News

We are happy to share the short summaries of the most important developments that happened during the last month.

C3 Conference Berlin

Victor Yermak, Director of Business Development, presented Smartlands’ vision of the investment banking’s future and the role of Smartlands in the imminent transformation of the industry. Additionally, meetings with potential partners and clients of the Platform took place during the conference. In particular, fruitful negotiations took place with Vistallicasa/Bitcoincasa and SwissRealCoin. Stay tuned for the conference participation report.


AMA session with the Smartlands’ Business development director Victor Yermak and the Team lead developer George Burlakov was hosted by Stellar’ subreddit. They were happy to answer questions about building the Smartlands Platform on the Stellar network and other IT & blockchain solutions that will leverage ABTs on the Platform. You can find the AMA session here.

Desktop wallets

Smartlands released the desktop beta version of the wallet that comprises downloadable applications for Windows and Mac. We are happy to invite our community members to test it and provide your feedback, comment the code on GitHub, discuss it on our subreddit. You can find the full release here.

Informative articles

Smartlands published series of short articles about benefits of ABTs issued on the Smartlands Platform for businesses, investors and society. Additionally, there is an article explaining 4 easy steps to issue ABTs by real economy companies on the Smartlands Platform. Please follow the link to find the article.

Suggested reading

The article by Forbes discusses how blockchain can really impact real estate investing. Real estate is a great collateral asset that is proved by dominance of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) among asset-backed securities (ABS). We believe that Smartlands’ asset-backed tokens (ABT) could be the right solution both to provide ABS-like solution for other industries and disrupt real estate investing/MBS.

Further Steps

A release of the full-featured Smartlands Wallet application for Windows, MacOS, and Linux in the public Stellar network is the next step according to the technical roadmap for 2018. The wallet will have the pro level interface for trading on Stellar Decentralized Exchange and the Smartlands Platform-specific functions. Other improvements will include different login options (e.g. hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S), user-friendly history of transactions with extended details, advanced functions (e.g. path payments, changing of account settings), etc.

Smartlands continues to work on creation of the legal framework for ABT offerings with the legal partners.

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