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Optimization of the Smartlands Wallet

June 8, 2018

Category: News

Step by step the developers are advancing in improving the Smartlands Wallet functionality. The key updates relate to a significant increase in the speed of the information update.

The current update features the balance in XLM and a selected asset to trade. Mind that the minimum balance requirements of the Stellar network aren’t deducted from your indicated balance on the exchange tab, so you will not be able to use the whole XLM balance for creating offers.

A size of the order book has been increased to be able to include 60 offers, which makes the spamming of the order book with small offers more tedious and, thus, less frequent.

Additionally, the number of recent trades has also been increased up to 20 items so as to provide more information for the Wallet’s users.

The next steps will involve the improving the existing features and adding new functionality options/opportunities. Moreover, the team has also started developing the token holders voting mechanics to further facilitate future banking innovations.


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