The Smartlands community is growing and, simply put, we’re ecstatic about it.

For this reason it’s no longer feasible to answer directly hundreds of queries from our fans, backers, investors and supporters using Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. And, though we still plan to continue to address through DMs and other modes of close communication issues that demand personal attention, we’ve decided to create an FAQ section on the Smartlands website. How radical, eh?

Here we’re going to explain some of the basic functions of the Platform, how to acquire and trade SLTs so that later you’re able to participate in tokenization projects, the unambiguous advantages of the Stellar, quite a few useful links to our technical documentation, great reads (in our opinion be you be the judge), and lots more.

Feel free to suggest through our social channels the issues that in your opinion should be listed in our FAQs, we’ll definitely work on expanding the knowledge base enough for you NOT to have any unresolved issues with Smartlands Platform. Or come see us on October 3 in person in Vilnius, Lithuania, where we’re going to present our vision for the future of Smartlands Platform to the world.