London, July 4 – Smartlands, a global platform for crowdfunding investments via regulated security token issuance, is pleased to inform the international business community of the launch of the Joint Venture Franchise programme in all appropriate jurisdictions.

Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, comments: “Our long-time goal of democratising wealth creation by giving access to high-entry investment opportunities to regular people is closer than ever. We hold a firm grip on the know-how for unlocking the liquidity premium in illiquid assets and want to share this opportunity with as many trusted partners as possible. We invite investors, asset owners/managers, and business developers to share the tremendous opportunities afforded to us through asset tokenisation.”

Smartlands JV Franchise partners are given unprecedented competences and a comprehensive toolbox for establishing their enterprises locally, including the use of Smartlands corporate style book, web platform, current and future products, the current and future capabilities in P2P funding and crowdfunding, Smartlands Google tools, SmartDrive, CRM tools, existing and future marketing strategies, and many others. 

Smartlands Head of Marketing and Communications, Yaroslava Tkalich, comments: “Our first use case, which turned into an instant success, and the growing pipeline of projects we are currently preparing for implementation clearly show that asset tokenisation is the way of the future. Mass-adoption is the next rung on the ladder to the top, and we are looking for well-connected highly motivated individuals and companies whose expertise and start-up capital can help Smartlands put the 21st century financial markets on a fast track to tokenising the multi-trillion dollar global asset pool.”

Smartlands Joint Venture Franchise is a 51%/49% partnership established between the Smartlands Holding and local partners around the world, respectively. As a Smartlands Joint Venture Franchise partner, individuals and companies are required to comply with the overall Smartlands brand strategy and share the Smartlands mission of global financial inclusion through universal access to the Smartlands’ proprietary wealth creation tools. 

JVF partners are also required to identify, generate and launch local marketing campaigns using the marketing tools co-developed with the Smartlands marketing team as well as conduct all local HR/KYC/AML activities in accordance with local and international laws and regulations. 

For more information on the Smartlands Joint Venture Franchise programme, please contact the Smartlands business development team at [email protected]