Smartlands is excited to report the launch of the mobile version of its desktop crypto wallet application. “We are actively gearing up to go fully mobile as stated in our recently released roadmap,” says Yaroslava Tkalich, Smartlands Head of Marketing and Communications, “and this move is perfectly aligned with our long-term strategy.”


The company addresses the many challenges in the asset tokenisation space by offering investors the flexibility of choice between several major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to be used on the Platform. With multiple currencies and a large number of projects added to the company pipeline, mobility is the number one request from investors and asset owners to Smartlands.

“While preparing for launch, we’ve surveyed the space thoroughly via focus groups and personalised questionnaires. As a result, we know exactly what’s important for the end-user” says Ilia Obraztsov, Smartlands CTO. “The interface is meticulously revised, and the entire user experience is thoroughly updated. The wallet software is a lot more intuitive now, which is essential for mobile use.”

Smartlands deployed its fully compliant Stellar wallet on May 6, 2019 to work exclusively within the regulated segment of the Stellar Network operated by the Smartlands Platform. 

The wallet software is designed for on-chain trading of security tokens and boasts such superior features as account recovery and account mapping, which allows investors to create a new “dependent” account controlled with their existing private key or Ledger hardware wallet device.

Smartlands wallet enforces daily and monthly transactions volume limits and cryptocurrency deposit thresholds depending on the type of investor and jurisdiction while maintaining the ability to trade pairs of compliant security tokens against XLM, which is considered the dominant feature of the wallet.

For the less cryptocurrencies-savvy users, the wallet features the integrated ability to “recover” private keys in case of a loss or compromise.

The wallet interface displays the most critical data for daily trading and is using both the Smartlands’ own Stellar core and Horizon services to guarantee high capacity and 100% uptime. The Smartlands wallet software ensures that these services are always online in a proper load-balanced environment designed to accommodate a large number of investors.