The main mission of Smartlands Platform is the creation of new class of low-risk tokens based on real high-profitable assets. This new class of tokens – called Asset Based Tokens (ABTs) – to be issued on Smartlands Platform and will favor significant demand from investors, while tokenized business is motivated to cooperate with Platform to issue tokens (you can find additional information about ABTs in our Whitepaper).

The major idea of Smartlands Platform is the tokenization of agricultural assets. In the process of tokenization of the agricultural assets, we also deal with the tokenization of the the real economy assets that are closely related to agriculture (e.g. walnut processing line, pig farms, grain elevators). It means that our platform must be suitable for both farms/orchards and other production assets. Taking a closer look at the issue we decided to expand Platforms coverage to real economy assets, especially related to agriculture, given there is no other tokenization protocol similar to ours.

There are at least 3 major problems for all types of businesses, that Smartlands Platform can solve:

  • Chaotic, confusing and unclear token issues;
  • Extreme volatility of tokens and no safe haven assets in crypto universe;
  • No secure protocol to tokenize assets.

Smartlands Platform will solve the aforementioned problems by:

  • Maximal transparency and accountability;
  • Risk protection provided by collateral of the assets;
  • Standardization of token issues and regulation to protect investor interests with rules set by voting (powered by distributed ledger of Stellar network).

Thus, there is a lot of value we can provide for real economy businesses in tokenization of their assets. The only missing link for providing “all-in-one services” by Smartlands is industry specific audits of assets. To fill the gap we will partner with specialized companies that performs such audits in line with our standards: maximal transparency, distributed database of results and use of cutting-edge technologies. By no means we abandon agriculture though. We expand our services into tokenization of real economy assets as we don’t want to deprive SLT holders from great opportunities. Still tokenization of agricultural assets is our major focus and core idea.