Hello, all, and welcome to the March edition of Smartlands newsletter – your one and only source for news and updates on all our projects!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the private stage of the fundraising round on Seedrs we kicked off on March 25th is this month’s top news. The current round is a part of a larger campaign we are planning on launching with participation from VCs. The proceeds from both campaigns will be directed towards funding a freemium model for customers in 2020, expanding the internal engineering team, and obtaining the rest of the necessary licenses to move forward. And this is possible to achieve only with your help.

As a member of the Smartlands community you must realise that this is a crucial moment for Smartlands; the company is entering a new stage of development and we are setting our targets high. Despite tough times, we decided to move forward with the raise but we ask you today to once again support Smartlands and its mission. We believe, with your participation we can take on this massive challenge and reach our objective. 


As an early-bird investor in Smartlands’ equity and a long-time Smartland fan, you will receive an exclusive Smartee Co-owner payment card. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. Stay in touch or if you want to discuss something in person, we’ll be happy to set up a call with one of the top officers of the company.

Smartlands Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedrs; Early Birds to Receive Exclusive Smartee Payment Card

Smartlands has today launched a funding round on Seedrs to sell a 2.53% equity stake. Currently in private mode, early investors in the campaign will get priority access to this investment opportunity and receive a unique golden Smartee co-owner payment card – a Smartlands-powered digital banking-like service that will offer exciting possibilities for operations in fiat and digital currencies…Read more

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Smartlands Launches Fundraising Campaign on Seedrs

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