London, June 28 – Smartlands – a blockchain-based Platform for crowdfunding investments in diverse asset classes via the issuance of security tokens – is announcing the launch of the Smart-X Ambassador programme.

The programme is conceived as part of the strategy for international development to expand Smartlands’ global reach through democratising access to wealth and creation of a scalable crowdfunding model for the mass market, property asset managers, owners, and developers.

Smart-X Ambassadors will accept responsibility and lead the processes of qualifying businesses and individuals for participating in investment projects on Smartlands platform, take focused action to create brand awareness, crystallise and enhance customer vision for their markets, secure Power Partners’ access to the Smartlands proprietary toolbox and the company’s extensive knowledge base.

The critical part of the Smartlands-X Ambassadors’ mission is going to be hands-on negotiations and document signings in full cooperation and with strong support from the Smartlands HQ in Vilnius, Lithuania. Smartlands Ambassadors will play integral roles and will be deeply immersed in projects during the planning and development phases in order to sell Smart-X to strategic clients in their markets. 

Smart-X consists of seven sub-programmes and represents Smartlands’ multi-directional approach to different facets of financial markets. Each Ambassador is free to take the avenue, in which he or she feels most proficient:

  • Smart-Investor (investor referrals, investor database)
  • Smart-Asset (acquisition of assets, title ownership)
  • Smart-Bond (bond issuance, project financing, existing company)
  • Smart-Loan (project financing, business funding through loans, tokenising loans)
  • Smart-Inspire (platform presentation, market & technology trends)
  • Smart-Partner (licensing agreement, API integration)
  • Smart-Shares (share tokenization, sourcing of reputable funds, investing through SPV as LP, investing in the company equity)

“Ever since Smartlands launched its beta in early 2018, we began looking for the individuals and entities who would become suitable regional partners for Smartlands on a global scale,” says Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands. “The process was always ongoing, and, once the Platform went live and the first project went online, we have realized that we have a lot to share with the rest of the financial world. We possess unique expertise that allows us to create bespoke investment projects in the most advantageous jurisdictions. Unlike the vast majority of people and companies in the asset tokenisation space, we possess a state-of-the-art legal and technological know-how for transferring of digital ownership rights across borders. Smartlands is one of the best-known brands in the entire security token space. All that’s missing now is a large-scale regional network of well-qualified ambassadors to complete the Smartlands mission of global financial inclusion through crowdfunding investments. We’ve recently become members of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and are hopeful that membership in this esteemed organisation will play a key role in our global success.”

Yaroslava Tkalich, Smartlands Head of Marketing and Communications adds that “the Smart-X Ambassador programme can be made as bespoke as can be; we welcome qualified individuals eager to enter the space as well as well-established investment banks and broker-dealers to help Smartlands build its business locally and, perhaps, even sit on our advisory board. The programme will allow Smartlands to widen our customer base, build-up our pipeline of projects, and make our distribution network more robust targeting asset managers in a variety of asset classes.”

For the full details on the Smartlands Smart-X Ambassador Programme, please contact us through any of our social channels or email us at [email protected]