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Smartlands is Looking For Head of Digital Banking

July 8, 2019

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On May 13, during the Consensus 2019 week in New York, Smartlands unveiled the strategic development program we called “Unicorn Vision.” In so many words, the Vision is about turning our security token issuance Platform into a global investment ecosystem for both retail and institutional investors. 

One of the cornerstones of the Vision is the creation of a digital banking product and payment card that is to become an indispensable tool for investing in property and equity on the Smartlands platform. This new product will be launched in Q4 2019 and have truly universal appeal: investors in property and equity will appreciate the accumulative function of the card. Crypto traders and other clients whose preferences lie exclusively in setting up fiat currency accounts, purchasing crypto assets, exchanging crypto for fiat and making payments using the Smartlands payment card will enjoy the unprecedented global access to funds and phenomenal ease of use.

We are now looking for a true leader, a self-starter who would eagerly stand at the helm of Smartlands digital banking product and take it to market. We want you to disrupt the traditional approach to digital banking through web channels and online branches by helping Smartlands create and maintain an entirely new workflow based on the idea of gathering all Smartlands investment tools under one roof, one card. In a world where customers expect seamless and consistent experiences, you are to orchestrate customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, generating massive time and cost savings leading to customer experiences that make sense. 

Soon Smartlands is going full-mobile, and you’ll be tasked with getting our mobile banking product right by the end of Q4 2019. Under your direct supervision, Smartlands card is to become a prime omnichannel touch point for bringing the Smartlands Platform to a customer’s pocket. You and your team will offer unique real-time communication capabilities with access and recognition issues handled immediately via the Smartlands proprietary technological solutions. You’ll be in charge of creating comprehensive banking capabilities that are crypto- and smartphone-friendly, and can easily be repurposed with an emphasis on asset tokenisation and crypto investing/trading.  

Want to know more and find out whether you have what it takes to become Smartlands Head of Banking Product? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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