Over the past several months, the Smartlands team has grown in both quality and quantity. We added some wonderful individuals to our family tasking them with improving every aspect of the Smartlands business model. We’ve made some serious strides on the compliance front, our customer success team is making sure that none of the issues you are experiencing persist for longer than a few minutes. 

Our thoroughly revamped marketing team is busy building and implementing strategies for a long-term success of Smartlands on an international scale. The recently unveiled “Unicorn Vision” plan for the near perspective has grown into a soon-to-be-announced strategic roadmap that covers our research, business development, and onboarding activities all the way to 2024. 

As you can see, growth is in our very nature. In just under two years, we’ve dramatically increased the number of subscribers on the platform, the numbers of SLT holders are in the thousands today, we’ve created dozens of exciting and far-reaching strategic partnerships. The pipeline of projects that just a few months ago consisted of just one student accommodation building in Nottingham has now grown into a billion pound sterling portfolio for every type of investor to explore. The global reach of Smartlands is perceptible in every facet of financial markets and the top financial media have made more mentions of Smartlands in one month of June than it did over the entire 2018. 

But, whatever our current achievements are, they’re always going to be just a springboard to bigger and better things. Smartlands is growing constantly, irrepressibly, and this time we need a very special individual to head up our London office and take another leap to new heights in our mother jurisdiction. 

We want expertise. We want experience. We want a strategist’s mind with a quick-draw tactician’s attitude. We realize that those qualities rarely come with firebrand personality but we want that too. We want passion. We want unquenchable thirst for innovation and a desire to continuously transform and disrupt financial markets pushing away practices that should have been moth-balled years ago and promoting asset tokenisation together with the rest of the Smartlands team.

If you feel you have what it takes to succeed in the maze of today’s financial markets and turn them into a straight-forward all-access opportunity, here’s where to find us. Please, do, and let’s get to work!