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Smartlands Issues Statement of Achievements, Presents Smartlands Roadmap 2.0

July 16, 2019

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Is investing hard? You bet, but let’s look at what’s hard about it. Knowing what to invest in is a pain. Knowing how to invest is an even bigger pain. Knowing for a fact that you’re not going to get gypped is almost impossible. Knowing whether you’ll make money investing is a long shot as well. Nearly two years ago, a hair away from being completely discouraged and totally frustrated, we asked ourselves, can investing be made easy at all? As it seemed back then, nope, not with the way the process worked at the time. So, we’ve laid out our first roadmap to reinvent the entire concept of investing and got to work.

First, we created a unique digital marketplace, a one-stop-shop for people looking to park their hard-earned capital. Then we added the ability to crowdfund investments using security tokens – digital representation of the ownership right to a share of an asset. Any asset. Finally, it took a long time and tremendous resources to create a legal infrastructure that would allow Smartlands Platform to become an appointed representative registered with the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but we did it. We are now firmly established as a leading global platform that provides a comprehensive proprietary blockchain-based infrastructure for  regulated issuance of digital securities. 

Whether you’re looking to raise capital for your business or invest in security tokens backed by real assets, Smartlands possesses the technical expertise and the means to turn the process from a tedious chore to a fun adventure. 

But, with the launch of the first Security Token Offering, which caps almost two years of superhuman efforts by the team of superhumans, we have realised that as much as we have already done, the time to rest on our laurels is not quite here yet. 

Presenting Smartlands Roadmap 2.0.

We began preparations for the strategic move towards Smartlands becoming a Global Investment Ecosystem on May 13, when we first unveiled “Unicorn Vision” – a 5-step plan for “uberisation” of securities issuance. Over the next two years, we will strive to refine our approach to selecting investment opportunities for our customers, focusing exclusively on the most lucrative equity types and asset classes (real estate, agricultural assets, different kinds of equities). 

The creation of the decentralised Security Token Exchange will be an integral part of the upcoming Smartlands activities. We plan on staying firmly on course to unlocking the liquidity premium, creating additional value for investors.

A switch to mobile is another step Smartlands is taking in the nearest future, turning a ponderous stationary process into a one-click operation that enables investors to track offers end manage portfolios right from their mobile devices.

The R&D of Smartlands digital banking is already well underway and soon with the introduction of our banking product and contactless payment card we will enable our customers not only to invest and earn, but reliably hold, exchange, and spend their fiat and crypto. 

The master plan for the future of Smartlands we roll out today is designed to compartmentalise our thinking and present to you our aspirations in the form that is most conducive to a lively discussion. After all, Smartlands outreach to the community for all major decisions concerning product development and the direction Smartlands is to take has always been the cornerstone of our success. 

We feel that in order to become a fully automated AI-powered decentralised global investment ecosystem that can handle the needs of small retail investors as well as global institutional wealth managers we first have to:

  • Create decentralised P2P secondary market for security tokens on the Stellar network
  • List Smartlands-issued security tokens on centralised regulated exchanges
  • Obtaining our own MTF licence, licenses for money safeguarding, e-money operations

Once these steps are taken, we will overhaul the platform for featuring of seamless single accreditation/onboarding for the issuance of security tokens in any jurisdiction, which will put Smartlands in a position to globalise its reach through a single all-purpose Smartlands mobile app. 

The next step is to obtain the MTF license and launch our own decentralised securities exchange becoming a fully decentralised global investment ecosystem technically proficient for complete decentralisation of token issuance, audit, underwriting and custody.

With plans so grand, attempting to appear modest may very well be considered disingenuous, so there’s no point in staring at our toes – we are shooting for the stars. As the crypto economy matures, the world is expected to come closer to a new era of real-world assets being securitised on the blockchain in a legal and compliant manner. Smartlands is poised to become one of the most active participants in the space addressing head-on the many concerns impeding mass adoption of security tokens all the while continuing to tokenise existing businesses and assets helping issuers reach a worldwide investing audience at a minimal cost. 

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