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Smartlands June Achievements, Triumphs, and Updates

July 2, 2020

Category: News

Hello, all, and welcome to the June edition of Smartlands newsletter – your one and only source for news and updates on all our projects!

Last month our team was predominantly concentrated on elaborating one of the most important milestones – Smartlands Network, a new blockchain solution for financial markets from Smartlands. 

Smartlands Network aims to become a leading public ledger for the blockchain-based capital market of the modern world – a distributed ledger that is flexible enough to automate settlement of all possible transactions for all classes of fungible assets. Starting from issuing and transferring assets and up to MTF trades and post-trade settlements.

This ambitious positioning influences architecture selection and the overall concept of the system. The network must facilitate transactions with any type of assets, beginning from non-regulated utility tokens, and up to, what is even more important, opportunity to conveniently handle all possible transactions with digital securities in every possible legislation.


To elaborate more on how the Network will be designed, we have launched and published on the website a series of detailed descriptions of Smartlands Network components aiming to extend the library of documents.


A Detailed Overview of the Oracles & Compliance Concept in Smartlands Network

We will start with the Oracles and Governance concepts – the cornerstones of the Network design. Who will become Oracles’ operators, what participants in the Network ecosystem are, and how everything will work together … Read here

Smartlands Network Architecture Explained: the Validators

Smartlands will use Cosmos SDK `staking`, one of the core components of the Cosmos framework and well-developed module that enables Cosmos-based blockchain to support an advanced, highly customisable Delegated Proof-of-Stake system… Read more

Smartlands Network Architecture Explained: Anchors & IBC

Anchors are special entities in the ecosystem that issue tokens on the network tied to the assets that they possess in custody. The same rules and compliance logic will apply for anchored tokens, i.e. issuers (anchors) will be able to issue freely circulating tokens, KYC-bound tokens or bound to compliance oracles if required by the legislation … Read more

Call for Smartlands Network AMA

Have some questions about Smartlands’ own blockchain? We have collected your questions for Smartlands Network AMA and soon will share all the answers with all of you!

Discovering Potential in Fundraising with Smartlands: Initial Results

We are happy to report that more than 90 entrepreneurs expressed their interest in our product and 40 of them have submitted their applications to start using the Plugin just in one week after the release of the dedicated product website … Read more

Update on Smartlands campaign on Seedrs

Our Seedrs campaign showed excellent results, given the fact that its launch coincided with the beginning of global lockdown, as well as a downturn, panic and chaos on the markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, we realise the necessity to adjust our business model according to the new market conditions. Having consulted with investment market analysts and a number of venture capital firms, we have decided to accept their recommendations and postpone the round to a later date, waiting for the investment market to recover.

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