Hello, all, and welcome to the May edition of Smartlands newsletter – your one and only source for news and updates on all our projects!

In May we delivered a major milestone – light paper on Smartlands Network, a new blockchain solution for financial markets from Smartlands. 

Over the past two years, the Smartlands team has been engaged in in-depth R&D and business development of products for companies and investors in the areas of regulated assets, investment banking, securities trading and related processes. Today, we much better understand the needs of professional participants in financial markets who are ready to implement blockchain solutions under certain conditions and requirements.

Working with market participants and partners who accompany transactions, we concluded that it is of key importance to be able to provide a tailored solution that will provide maximum flexibility to potential customers (users) in the form of a private or consortium blockchain with the ability to access various public networks (blockchains). 

We have collected vision, and all our objectives and plans in the dedicated light paper and invite all of you to have a look at how Smartlands Network will be designed.


And here is the fresh update on progress with
Smartlands + Smartee public stage of a funding round on Seedrs, a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in startups and later-stage businesses throughout Europe. While more and more people are regaining the freedom to shop and visit hair salons, our progress bar on Seedrs has just hit 96% of the target. We’re almost there! 

Our goal is to sell 2.53% of equity stake on Seedrs to help fund a freemium model for customers in 2020, expand the internal engineering team, and obtain the rest of the necessary licenses to move forward. The offering on Seedrs is a part of our bigger strategy of bringing in investments through the sale of a 12% equity stake, most of which we plan to raise through VC firms.

Our project has attracted the interest of almost 200 investors and we would be glad to have you aboard: https://www.seedrs.com/smartlands.


Additionally, we are open to direct private placements; interested investors can contact [email protected] to discuss conditions. The offering on Seedrs is a part of our bigger strategy of bringing in investments through the sale of a 12% equity stake, most of which we plan to raise through VC firms.      

If you have any questions regarding onboarding or any other issue with the fundraising on Seedrs, please contact us at [email protected]. In the unlikely case, our team is unable to help, Seedrs support will always be ready to step in.

Quick and Effective Solution from Smartlands to Finance SMEs on the Blockchain

COVID-19 inflicted crisis has put millions of SMEs in developing countries to the brink of bankruptcy with no effective way to provide emergency loans that will keep companies afloat, save employees from being fired and put them at risk of poverty/starvation. With the aim to tackle challenges caused by COVID-19, Smartlands team and Smart-X Ambassadors joined the #SmartDevelopmentHack and combined efforts in creating a SMART-LOANS solution… Read more

Smartlands got ranked on NextFinUK 

We have also got ranked on NextFinUK, an FCA-regulated rating agency for equity crowdfunding powered by Crowd Rating TM. That’s a fine piece of news, considering the efforts the agency takes to independently assess crowdfunding investment opportunities. The Smartlands Rating Report details may be found here … Report

Smartlands Cooperates with London Strategic Consulting to Analyse Smartee Market Situation

As a part of a corporate social responsibility program, Smartlands continued cooperation with a student-run non-profit consultancy London Strategic Consulting. Spring term project was dedicated to the analysis of Smartee market situation as well as online and mobile banking systems, and payment habits of potential Smartee users which would help us build a well-thought-out product in evergrowing demand … Read more.