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Smartlands Platform Announces Onboarding, Begins KYC for First Investors

December 11, 2018

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For the past year, our very lives had but one purpose: gearing up for the upcoming widespread securitization of assets on various blockchains. Not only raising capital through tokenized securities appears to be the brand-new model of crowdfunding that’s about to take the world by storm, but it also offers retail investors – people like you and us – an array of unimaginable possibilities in creating wealth. It took us a year of trial and error to pinpoint Stellar as the blockchain for what Smartlands intends to accomplish.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the beginning of onboarding for businesses and individuals who are ready to go through the KYC process to get whitelisted on the Platform, receive early access to our first tokenization project and launch their security issuance/trading/investing activities. Feel free to get started! We invite investors from all countries are welcome to participate in the KYC process on the Smartlands Platform. Please refer to a short tutorial for the details of the KYC process. We strive to make the self-validation on the Platform as brief and painless as possible, but some of the KYC stages require explanation. With further inquiries, please check our FAQ, email us at [email protected], follow us on Twitter and sign up for our Telegram channel.

The beginning of the onboarding process is the last step before the first tokenization on the Smartlands Platform commences. Since January 2018, the company has been working on establishing jurisdiction in Lithuania and the UK, which is now successfully concluded. Smartlands Platform has also finished working on the legal framework for trading securitized assets on the Stellar blockchain. Simultaneously, the Platform itself has gone through a succession of radical transformations to become a more functional tool for investors in securities worldwide.

The Platform prioritizes the safety of investor’s funds and ensures full legal compliance through the engagement of licensed custodians and licensed OTC exchanges. It combines the industry standard for crowdfunding with our vision for the future of security tokens into a rich, desktop-centric UI with investor’s dashboard as a centrepiece featuring redesigned Verification/Categorization Interface, Payment Gateway, and other amenities. The Smartlands’ proprietary AI-based Compliance Engine is a ready-made solution for monitoring the Platform and approving tens of thousands of operations per second, covering the entire volume of transactions that the Stellar blockchain is capable of processing in a given time.

During the period of preparation for onboarding and the subsequent launch of the first tokenization project the Smartlands Platform has secured the services of several companies specializing in legal support and compliance. The company has successfully onboarded such giants in their respective fields as CMS Law, one of the largest law firms on the planet, and Thistle Initiatives with their utmost expertise in regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and future-proofing of operations. The alliance with Colliers International, a top-tier global real estate services and investment management company, has ensured the Smartlands Platform’s place as a front-runner for the leading position in the still-nascent digital securities space.

“It was an arduous year-long journey for us,” says Arnoldas Nauseda, Smartlands Platform CEO. “The creation and implementation of a trading platform for securitized assets in both residential and commercial real estate as well as industrial properties worldwide was always our goal. Today, in partnership with CMS law, Colliers International, Vilnius Blockchain Centre, Digital Assets Standards Association (DASA) and others, we are actively fulfilling our aspirations creating opportunities for anyone who wishes to start investing in securities online.”

The Smartlands Platform encourages everyone to become an eligible private/institutional investor by clearing the KYC process as soon as possible to be granted early access to the full details of the first tokenization project. Get started!


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