In our pockets, we’re still finding the remnants of our boarding passes from Barcelona where we were part of the Blockchain World Solution exhibition on October 16th-18th, but the impatient winds of innovation are already eager to carry us to Singapore. There, our unwearying business development team with the Smartlands Platform CEO Arnoldas Nauseda at the helm plans to walk the walk and talk the talk at the glorious Singapore FinTech Festival and present our asset tokenization solution to the world.

The event, to be perfectly blunt, is a huge deal. Singapore’s competition with Hong Kong for visibility and investors’ money ended decisively in favor of the former in Q3 of 2016 when Singapore invested the total of $310 million in fintech startups. Compared to measly Hong Kong’s $190 mil, Singapore’s achievement is a clear sign of things to come. To prove that, last year, Singapore upped the ante to almost a billion in fintech startup investments, whereas HK lowered its participation in fintech innovation to a little over $70 million.

Another batch of important points for Singapore, in addition to the country’s high GDP and excellent fiber-optic infrastructure, which allows for 100% mobile subscription penetration, Singapore is extremely friendly to the regulatory framework that comes with the blockchain-based enterprise. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) time and time again has proven to be a reliable ally to tokenized businesses looking to grow and flourish in the ASEAN area.

And just imagine all that wealth concentrated in one place in a moment in time, which is going to be November 12-16, and the Smartlands Platform booth – right in the middle of everything.

It’s crucial for the Smartlands Platform to showcase our pipeline of projects specifically in Singapore where the relaxed regulations and enhanced debt-restructuring measures directed at venture capital have created a massive pool of opportunity for big money from China, Malaysia, India, Russia, US, and EU. Both agricultural sector of the economy and the real estate are booming in Asia right now, and we can’t afford not to show to the FinTech Festival guests and participants the way to make their securitized assets work for them on the Stellar exchange.

Our message is clear: issuing security tokens on the Smartlands Platform means creating real wealth for the real economy. It’s no longer casino chips; STO (Security Token Offering) is a KYC/AML-compliant way to securitize your assets creating tangible value. Investing in digital securities issued on the Smartlands Platform and traded on the decentralized exchange powered by the Stellar network is fast, secure, cheap, and transparent.

So, Singapore, here we come! In the meantime, by all means, sign up to our Telegram channel if you have any questions, comments or just want to wish us a safe and pleasant flight. Holy smokes, it’s almost fourteen hours in the air!