London, August 5 – Building upon the ongoing success of the current offering on the Platform, and to expand its global reach, Smartlands is thrilled to announce the move to list its native token SLT on Binance DEX.

“Ever since the Smartlands community voted for accepting BNB (Binance coin) along with other major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as the unit of account on Smartlands, the decision to list SLT on Binance DEX became a question of “when”, not “if,” says Aronoldas Nauseda, Smartlands Platform CEO. “Today, this move seems very organic and timely.”

“We love decentralised exchanges,” says Smartlands CTO Ilia Obraztsov, “and Binance DEX is off the charts in terms of transparency, consistency, with which quality assets appear on the exchange, constantly growing trade volume, and other indicators. For us not to list our utility token SLT on Binance would mean to deprive the existing investors on Smartlands of the opportunity to utilise the Smartlands success further, and to limit the influx of new investors on the Platform intentionally. That’s unacceptable, so we are listing!”

In the coming days, Smartlands thread is expected to appear in the Binance community forum where Smartlands plans to elaborate on the details of the listing procedure, the amount of SLT designated for trading on Binance DEX, transfer algorithms, and other vital issues. 

“We’ve been looking for an acceptable and comprehensive SLT trading solution for a while now,” says Yaroslava Tkalich, Smartlands Head of Marketing and Communications. “The Binance DEX dynamics suit our goals and our mission the best, so it’s an instant win for all involved. We want to invite all members of the Smartlands community and the crypto community at large to show support for our listing once the Smartlands thread goes live in the Binance forum.” 

About SLT

SLT is a utility (access) token native to the Smartlands platform. The token is used for payments and unlocking access to projects and services on Smartlands.

The use of SLT for all internal operations is essential for the Smartlands Platform because it guarantees all settlements. To hold SLT is a requirement for investors on the Platform. The SLT holding requirement is a prerequisite for the SLT’s well-pronounced liquidity that continuously stimulates the demand for the token and protects both investors and the Platform from market fluctuation. 

About Binance DEX

Binance DEX is a decentralised blockchain-based marketplace where users are fully and solely in control of their digital assets. Binance Chain/DEX is based on the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanism, which means that the blockchain is secure as long as 2/3 of the nodes are honest. Once a transaction is committed in a block, it becomes final: there are zero risks of a chain modification or a forking scenario. Binance DEX daily trading volume exceeds $4 million.