On November 17, we will return form the Singapore FinTech Festival, quickly gobble up a plate of cold soup, celebrate our First Anniversary (oops, spoiler alert!), repack, and on December 5 head out to London for the Europe’s most exciting, full eco-system fintech trade show – FinTech Connect 2018. And, as soon the lights are off at ExCel London, the venue for the gathering, the Smartlands Platform’s London office will move the fun to the Level39 building and launch its Stellar Meetup there on Dec 7.

FinTech Connect 2018 is much bigger this year with 175+ Exhibitors & Partners, 250+ Expert Speakers, 5000+ Attendees, 6 Dedicated Conferences. The format of the event allows the Smartlands Platform team to connect with major banks representatives, insurers, capital market firms, and investors right on the floor and help them make informed decisions on asset tokenization and the intricacies of trading the newly-minted security tokens on Stellar. We love FinTech Connect for the unbridled opportunities to engage with the top fintech talent and finance professionals who seek a competitive differential for their businesses as well as investors who seek the next fast growth investment opportunity and advisors who can help them grow.

The Stellar Meetup on Dec 7 is going to be a thing of beauty with a roster of speakers that will make the most sophisticated, the most hard-core Stellar exceptionalist salivate. Not to spoil things, but so far, we have confirmed appearances by Victor Krekotin, Strategy Advisor to the Smartlands Platform, Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands Platform, Sam Robinson, Partner at CMS Lawyers, Matthew Williamson, Head of Fintech at Thistle Initiatives. There will be some late additions to the list; we’ll keep you posted. All Stellar community members including participants of B2B ICO projects, asset owners, investment and fund management companies, real estate and property technology start-ups are welcome!

We will discuss the latest news and updates on Stellar, the vast potential of STOs on the Stellar network for digital entrepreneurs in Europe, the ways to boost Stellar’s visibility with the community and in the media. Also, we will analyze in detail legal aspects of STO and how they are affecting asset tokenization, the marketing strategies behind a successful STO, investor relations, and many other issues.

The registration is open!