Smartlands developers team has released an update of Smartlands Wallet with new features. Implementation of the wallet’s new trading features are in line with the investment banking focus and future evolution of Smartlands Platform.

Specifically, there are the following upgrades:

  1. Now users can view their incoming and outgoing payments on the Payments history tab.
  2. Recent trades table on the exchange tab provides information about 10 latest trades of the active trading pair.
  3. Improvement in Exchange layout provides the better user experience.

There are also improvements in the mobile version of the wallet:

  1. Trustlines for all the popular assets on the Stellar network now can be added with a single tap.
  2. Orderbook layout is optimized for small mobile phones’ displays and shows the most important information with at a minimal screen footprint.

The next steps of Smartlands Wallet development are сoncerning of existing features and general optimization for faster reaction due to better integration with the Stellar network.