Smartlands Wallet possesses unique features and offers comprehensive benefits as a sophisticated tool for attracting investments on the Smartlands Platform

After thoroughly analyzing the investors’ feedback and having considered all requests and concerns voiced in the community discussions, the team of Smartlands developers is thrilled to announce the release of the new version of the Smartlands Wallet in accordance with the roadmap. The Stellar-based Smartlands Wallet is a convenient tool for storing, transmitting and monitoring cryptocurrency as well as trading on the built-in Stellar decentralized exchange. Key features of the wallet are usability, security, functionality, and the fastest transaction speed on the market to date.

The Stellar-based Smartlands Wallet is designed for investors in tokenized assets issued on Stellar, potential investors in asset-backed tokens issued on the Smartlands Platform, current and aspiring SLT holders, other members of the Smartlands community.

Stellar is an integrated open-source platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people to move money and digital assets quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. The Stellar platform provides users with maximal security and reliable performance at lightning speeds of seconds for any transaction. The real-time multiple wallet support along with seamless and intuitive account management on a modern trading interface makes Stellar a truly global network.

The desktop beta-version of the Stellar-based Smartlands wallet was released on March, 23 and included both Windows and Mac variants. The new iteration of the wallet features a user-friendly interface for trading on Stellar Decentralized Exchange. The desktop version of the wallet will be updated shortly and will include an application for Linux in addition to Mac and Windows.

The goal behind the current release is to continue improvements on the front end and to broaden the array of the wallet’s truly unique functions.

Our continuous efforts to perfect the Wallet software is a work in progress, says Victor Yermak, Business Development Director at Smartlands. But we carefully monitor the process to keep the implementation of the project closely aligned with the roadmap. In time for the release, we’ve redesigned tabs, menu, user interface, and improved functionality of the wallet. We’ve done our due diligence on market research and would like to take this opportunity to assure both our current users and potential investors that Multiplatform Smartlands Wallet is fully capable of handling any task.

Smartlands Wallet has all the advantages of a Stellar-based wallet with an emphasis on security. The users’ private keys are stored only in users’ browsers, and only temporarily, the wallet is hosted on secure servers. A selection of installable applications is available along with the number of additional built-in functions.

The Wallet was created to boost the development of the Smartlands Platform infrastructure further and is conceived to be an essential instrument of issuing, managing, exchanging, and monitoring of ABTs (asset-backed tokens). ABT is an indispensable part of the real economy, in which real estate developers, private shareholders/hedge funds, manufacturing companies, agriculture businesses and many others consider the tokenization of assets a major growth opportunity.

Smartlands Wallet is not only a Smartlands Platform-specific device but a multifunctional toolbox for any trader or asset holder on the Stellar blockchain. The UI is designed to accommodate the most demanding trader experience conveniently and intuitively with the most relevant information always at hand. Moreover, Smartlands wallet will assist users in comprehensively utilizing of all the opportunities provided by the on-blockchain Stellar decentralized exchange. The use of the Wallet will enhance transparency and help track, identify and counter possible attempts to manipulate the market.

The Wallet is a constant work in progress. Therefore it will be undergoing scheduled updates according to the project roadmap. Over the upcoming course of updates, the following Smartlands Platform-specific functions will be added:

  • SLT/ABT automatic co-trading (the required number of SLT when buying ABT will be acquired automatically)
  • Provision of information from a decentralized audit database and verification of its authenticity by comparing it with the hash sum of this information stored on the Stellar blockchain
  • Blockchain voting for SLT/ABT holders for the future of investments on the Platform, the management policies, tokenization rules, and fundraising issues

The new Smartlands Multiplatform Wallet is a superb instrument of tokenizing real estate, manufacturing industry, creating and monitoring digital assets in agriculture and in general attracting new investments to businesses.