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Technical Roadmap of Smartlands Platform for 2018

March 7, 2018

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Smartlands is happy to announce the technical roadmap for 2018. Please find the information about each milestone below.

The general roadmap will be updated accordingly when the development of the ABT ICO legal framework will be finished.

Multiplatform wallet – April

A release of the full-featured Smartlands Wallet application for Windows, MacOS, and Linux in the public Stellar network. The wallet will have the pro level interface for trading on Stellar Decentralized Exchange and the Smartlands Platform-specific functions. Other improvements will include different login options (e.g. hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S), user-friendly history of transactions with extended details, advanced functions (e.g. path payments, changing of account settings), etc.

Decentralized management system – July

The decentralized management system for making key managerial decisions of Smartlands Platform as well as setting crucial tokenization rules by voting of token holders will be launched in July. Voting will be implemented with the built-in token capabilities on the Stellar network that will ensure protection from any falsification of results. The questions, guidelines for providing the answers and other relevant information will be hashed and uploaded to the Stellar network, thus it will be immutable as well.

Voting and obtaining detailed information about results will have a user-friendly interface in Smartlands Wallet, though instructions for voting and checking the results with other wallets and/or blockexplorers will be provided.

The system will also cover needs for decentralized management of ABT-issuing companies.

Decentralized database – October

The data stored in the Smartlands’ decentralized database of companies’ audits will be hashed and stored in the distributed ledger of the Stellar network.

The database of companies’ audits itself will store standardized reports submitted through the Smartlands Platform’s API by Smartlands own technical auditing department or industry-specific auditors that follow Platform’s guidelines and are approved by Smartlands.

In addition to hashing a general report, an auditor will have to timely hash and upload to the Stellar network interim progress of an audit to further protect investors from any possible falsification of the results. At least the most important raw data of the audits will also be available for investors for double checking any auditor’s conclusions to enhance transparency.

The database will be developed in close cooperation with Skyglyph.

Smartlands ABT Index, Payouts to ABT holders – December

Smartlands ABT Index will include all the ABTs issued by agricultural and real economy companies on Smartlands Platform. There are a lot of issues that have to be taken into account to construct the investable index that will be used by the Smartlands ABT Index token. Creation of such an index has a set of challenges that are not typical for classical financial markets:

  • ability to trade ABTs against different assets including each other that makes appropriate price definition more complex
  • 24h/365 trading schedule
  • co-trading of SLT with ABTs

Together with Smartlands ABT Index, the extended information about trading of all the ABTs issued on Smartlands Platform will be provided

Automated system for payouts to ABT holders will calculate, receive from ABT-issuing (or escrow) companies and distribute relevant payouts to the wallets of ABT holders. The most typical would be payments of relevant shares in revenues and profits of ABT issuing companies (‘dividends’), nevertheless it will also include money distributions in case of sale of collateralized assets as a result of rules violations by ABT-issuing companies.

The system will determine the wallets of the owners, the relevant amounts and provide currency conversion operations if needed.

Given the growth of the popularity of transactions in cryptocurrencies (for example with introduction of the BHANDER network and devices) the system for payouts to ABT holders may introduce smart contracts to provide even higher level of transparency and trustless approach between companies and investors.

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