The Smartlands Platform Team Welcomes Ilia Obraztsov as a VP of Technology - Smartlands

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The Smartlands Platform Team Welcomes Ilia Obraztsov as a VP of Technology

September 12, 2018

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Ilia Obraztsov

This week Ilia Obraztsov joins Smartlands as VP of Technology. Prior to joining Smartlands Platform he has been working as CTO at Pando Innovations, a California-based outsourcing company, helping numerous startups from Silicon Valley to deliver cutting-edge cloud-based solutions. He has a long record of technical success stories, managing products, serving hundreds of thousands of users and maintaining strict information security regulations.

His academic background includes MS degree in Computer Science. Since 2012 he worked as a Senior Project Manager and Product Owner for the Smilart, a large startup company, developing a face-recognition and machine learning systems.

As VP of Technology at Smartlands, Ilia will develop technology roadmap for the further platform development from the technology perspective, determine the market dynamics and trends to manage technological risks. Ilia will also conduct research to introduce mechanics to continuously improve Smartlands Platform performance. We asked Ilia Obraztsov to share his vision about the development of the platform.

What is your motivation to join the Smartlands Platform team?

I am very inspired to take part in pioneering the security token market. I first learned about Smartlands in the beginning of 2018 and I was thrilled of the tremendous potential of the company and technologies to disrupt financial markets, develop and shape the future of investments into real economy assets.

What kind of goals you set for yourself to develop the Smartlands Platform?

To be successful in the long run of the business development every company requires a robust and scalable technological foundation. Therefore, a primary goal of a development team is to deliver a reliable platform that will enable to automate all business processes around crowdfunding and security token offerings. A final product will include convenient, trustworthy and functional investors interface, companies, auditors and  administrator dashboards. The second and even more important goal is to maintain the strong level of information security to protect investors funds, to develop a smooth project onboarding tokenization projects and to guarantee a fast and high accessibility to the system. I will continue to learn and search for new ideas to bring all my expertise to execute the business objectives and growth of the Smartlands Platform.

What is your idea of further Stellar network development?

Stellar Network is already a mature blockchain, providing one of the fastest, scalable and secure distributed ledger on the market. In the future I see a further expansion of the Stellar ecosystem, including cross-border money transfers, regular payments (with the help of Lightning Network) and a stable growth of the trend of tokens backed by real economy assets. In time all the existing securities and commodities will have a corresponding tokens at the Stellar Network.

The Smartlands platform itself will add a huge value to the Stellar ecosystem, covering security token offerings and challenging to replace the current IPO concept.

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