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Tokenization in agriculture and manufacturing

May 18, 2018

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We are on the threshold of the new economic era: business can be freed from the complex, time-consuming and costly investment process. This weekend German online bank Bitbond announced we can transfer loan anywhere in the world using bitcoin and other cryptos and UK-based HSBC has completed the world’s first commercially viable trade-finance transaction using blockchain. What does it mean? You can use blockchain technologies within the bank-disintermediation space. This will change trade-finance industry forever reducing money and time lost. Now a couple of hours to complete a transaction will be enough.

The future of the banking investment is now

We are seeing that a lot of attractive financial opportunities get no funding and future. Today’s economy needs a flexible solution without any barriers for investors, a solution that would work without intermediaries and bring new technologies to the table. Are you ready? Smartlands platform has found, tested and successfully put into practice the way to revolutionize your investments and your business future through tokenization. It’s a smart, brand-new technology and it’s secure.

Tokenization in agriculture and manufacturing:

We see tokenization as a future of the investment business. How we do it? We convert rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. As you already know, it’s secure, we spend less time on a transaction, we get lower costs and independence from centralized intermediates. We propose to make asset backed tokens (ABT) a new financial instrument to revise and upgrade asset-backed securities. This fits well all real economic assets. We are not affected by any borders or country standards, which means you can reach your investors in any part of the world and as an investor you can invest anywhere you want too.

Introducing Agriculture 3.0.

In agriculture sector as an example we used Spanish sweet cherry orchards tokenization for extensive growth. What become a tokenized asset? Each token will be backed by 1 square meter of a sweet cherry orchard. With proceeds of token sale, the company can acquire poorly managed cherry orchards and obtain higher and more sustainable cashflows for investors. Smartlands Platform will provide investors with detailed and up-to-date information about the assets based on advanced Agtech. Enhanced transperancy is just one part of advantages brought by Agtech as the major goal is increase in cash flows and stability. Cutting-edge innovation technologies will be applied with drones (UAV) and satellite images for obtaining trustful raw data about the assets, Big Data and Artificial intelligence (AI) for high-quality and objective processing of collected data. This type of investments can become a game changer for developing agricultural countries, bring money to agricultural business and solve the world hunger problem in the nearest future.

Tokenization manufacturing: a new era with up-to-date products

Let’s not forget about manufacturing either. The tokenizing of a precision machining plant in Israel for intensive growth attracted our attention. In this case, the token will be backed by bonds secured with the company’s assets. The tokenization will help to reduce costs due to a better management and increase output due to debottlenecking, new products introduction. We propose to purchase monitoring equipment for the new AI assisted management system, acquire new equipment and upgrade the existing one based on bottleneck analysis, engineering, and equipment required for the production of new goods. The financing of the advanced AI assisted management system brings great transparency for investors, while token offering proceeds may be disbursed in installments with a major part only after introduction of the monitoring system and consequent voting of token holders. Such flexibility is not available for small investors with current financial instruments. But why limit those who want invest now?

Get ready for the crypto revolution

Our way is to make your business and your investments proactive, super secure and flexible. Smartlands platform aims to change the whole effective frontier of crypto investment portfolios. The assets will have collateralization in the real economy, thus, the risks are very low. We have a zero or negative correlation with other crypto currencies, the profits will substantially increase, the application of blockchain technology will remedy trust issues (it cannot be corrupted by anybody!) and the advanced monitoring techniques will enhance transparency. This is the future and it begins now with Smartlands platform.


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