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Why Stellar is Best Suited for Asset Tokenization

September 20, 2018

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As Smartlands is getting ready to tokenize its first project in the upcoming months (perhaps, even weeks) and everything is moving so fast, we feel a constant need to clarify and explain things to many different folks and adjust our knowledge base almost in real time. In other words, had we been operating in the 80s, the phones would be ringing off the hook – “what?”, “where?”, “who?!”.

On the one hand, it’s exciting to experience this level of interest from those looking for new ways to invest. However, when it comes to securities, investing, and investing in securities, there can’t be anything even resembling a difference in opinion. Precision and due diligence are critical to wealth creation.

We all remember July last year when SEC in its infinite wisdom had decided to “print its hoof in the receiving earth” called “crypto space” and proclaim some of the digital assets “securities.” Many types of digital assets are now subjected to the same legal recourse, by which the rest of the securities market abides. For a few months following the SEC announcement, the crypto community pondered its future. Then Stellar had shown us the way to tokenize assets in the real economy and give access to the market to anybody and everybody with a will to invest – from large VC funds to private individuals with a few bucks to spare.

Hence, here is the Viktor Krekotin’s article. It’s a comprehensive unpacking of many things that are going to become crucial to the future Security Token Offerings on the platform suited for it the most – Stellar. The reasons being are also inside the text, the article discusses the current state of affairs in the ICO-STO relationship (dah, just look at the title) and sets the scene for assets tokenization deciphering terminology, describing benefits, and mapping out the inevitably bright future of Security Tokens on Stellar.

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