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Smartlands monthly roundup: December newsletter

January 4, 2021

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Hi everyone, this is the December edition of Smartlands monthly – your source of the news and updates on all our projects!

First of all, thank you for staying with us during all changes we all have been through. We are grateful for all the achievements, hard decisions, and challenges of 2020; let’s move forward!

You could see our news in social media and telegram chats, but we gathered everything important here to walk you through our month.

Smartlands accelerates its alternative investment project with the opening of a new regional office in Ukraine.

London, UK, December 14, 2020: Smartlands accelerates its alternative investment project with the opening of a new regional office in Ukraine.

With the new company representation comes a new appointment. We are excited to announce that Inna Storozhenko has joined Smartlands as its Regional Director.

Inna’s experience will bring to the Smartlands team a strong link with the traditional banking and investment infrastructure of Ukraine. She will be responsible for developing the project in Ukraine in general with a focus on real estate connections and investor relations.

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The Network Community has been very active lately; our big news initiated a warm discussion in our telegram chats. Here’s the reason for the debates and encouragement.


A Stellar Performance

The team at Smartlands has seen substantial progress in the development of the Stellar network during 2020. As a result, Smartlands has decided to confirm its commitment to running on the Stellar network as the primary ecosystem for all initiatives and business development plans we currently have under development.

With this article, we set out some background to this decision and the benefits we see accruing to the Smartlands community on Stellar.

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Smartlands announces SLT-Gang Awards.

To celebrate our achievements so far, we would like to announce our SLT-Gang Awards. With this award, we are giving the community our own feedback and appreciation.

Our nominations are:

Top-10 SLT-Advocates 

Top-10 Active Official Chat Participants

All Active Testnet Participants

All winners in Top-10 SLT-Advocates and Top-10 Active Official Chat Participants nominations will be sent a branded hoody, and the Active Testnet Participants will receive a reward of 500SLT. With our branded gifts to the winners, we hope to add some tangible connection to our digital relationship.

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Smartlands announces listing of its token on the WhiteBit exchange.

London, UK, December 28, 2020: SLT is now listed on the WhiteBIT trading platform giving more than 300 000 active traders in 190 countries access to the Smartlands token.

We are excited to announce that from now SLT is available for exchange on WhiteBit. This trading platform is popular in Eastern Europe, which is the market of Smartlands interest. Another important feature is WhiteBit’s integration with Ukrainian banks, which allows fiat transfers, including transfers from bank cards.

“We greatly appreciate our amazing community and all SLT supporters. Entering a leading European exchange is another way to show the appreciation for our European coin-traders for our mutual benefit. – said Ilia Obrazcov, CEO of Smartlands Ltd.

In the meantime, Smartlands is committed to making listing partnerships with credible exchanges, keeping the community updated on the progress of any opportunities and partnerships.
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As always, please, feel free to give us your feedback on social media or the telegram community. We appreciate your involvement and live interest.

And of course, we are working hard to give you more news shortly.

Till soon,
Smartlands Team

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